[NetBehaviour] Solstizio Giocondo!

Max Herman maxnmherman at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 22 19:37:46 CET 2020

Hi all,

Thanks for a fun and interesting year of many projects!  I missed the last Distant Feelings sadly, but was there in spirit.  The old-time flash about birds and many circles was memorable, as were the stories of L and B time-travelling.  The hologram of well-being and helpful accounts of surviving June.  There were some very large works, and some very tiny ones too, all mixing about and behaving as they saw best despite the many breakdowns.  We saw the impossibility of seeing as well as some fabulous sights.  There were lands of water and earth, jogs around flats and backyards, images of birds and quite a few songs, as well as much more, a salutary pageant much appreciated!

With all very best wishes,


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