[NetBehaviour] Thinking and Making Things

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Dec 24 16:18:33 CET 2020

Thinking and Making Things

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Hardened concretions that is to say productions based on the arts
(music, literature, visual arts, etc.) are specific products that
have a (momentary) low degree of entropy surrounding them and
others that are fenced in as well - as a way of avoiding the
lassitude of a mind becoming increasingly forgetful - the
products themselves remain and remain articulated on a different
form of scaffolding then the wanderings of anyone's mind. So if
someone writes, for example, about their mind wandering, their
momentary loss of their habitus and the resulting strangeness of
that loss - that writing in itself, as a cultural production, has
boundaries that for the author may well have already dissipated,
through fatigue or forgetfulness or death. Culture veers like
this - who has not worried their text and their production of
that and other texts (to the point of destroying or preserving
their work in whatever forms) - nevertheless perhaps somewhere
along the line there's a variorum or definitive or collated
edition that at least for the moment survives with that wall of
digital (and perhaps analog) duplication, as if eternity were
breached and conquered? In the smallest way, even in a
performance that negates itself, there are plans and scripts,
however (in)articulated: the fuzz of our mind and the buzz of the
world encapsulated so that what remains is an otherwise
inconceivable certainty...

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