[NetBehaviour] Some Holiday Music

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Dec 27 06:50:38 CET 2020

Some Holiday Music

Edward Schneider, alto saxophone, clarinet
Alan Sondheim, sarangi, antique sarangi, shakuhachi, guitars
Azure Carter, photography

https://youtu.be/1T-s4z5Tb6U VIDEO

I called this holidays because Because it was produced during the
holiday season and I don't know whether anyone else would
consider this holiday music I don't consider it holiday music I
don't know what kind of music it is but at least it was produced
during the holiday season it that much we can say for sure so
you'll have to assume that that's the case. this was done by
Edward Schneider and alan's on time. Alan's on time is Alan
sundheim . Because I'm dictating this it's not spelling anything
properly dictating. So the music involves Edward to on Alto
saxophone And clarinet and alan's on time on 2 different sirong
guy's I'm modern sirong guy and an antique one. the antique one
has the original strings and is very very difficult to play . the
modern one place perfectly. There is also a parlor guitar. I am
not satisfied with the parlor guitar playing because the sound is
not that autoball on this period it also includes a muthama
guitar which sounds fine to me. and there is a long janosz isaca
jacchi but it's really a read that someone caught and it's i
don't know how long it would be to be a properly scale schalker
hutchy but we used it anyway. this music is oddly mellow which
reflex the holiday season. it's been oddly anxiety ridden playing
here. but music is a kind of Salvation. Think of these as muted
Christmas or Hanukkah good songs . And see where that takes us.
hope we hope you enjoy this period .

Comment: asondheim
1 second ago
We recorded with Zoom for orientation and separate recording
devices mixed in post-production. Probably because of holiday
bandwidth, the Zoom audio kept cutting out on us, so we were
'floating' and bridging between one and another interval of
clarity and static. It made for an odd experience playing, and
another in listening, but the results sound amazing to me. -


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