[NetBehaviour] The River is Flowing

Edward Picot julian.lesaux at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 21:07:19 CET 2020

Thanks, Max.

These video versions aren't as smooth-running or as visually sharp as 
the Flash originals were. Maybe we'll be able to get those back one day 
- it would be nice.


On 27/12/2020 19:02, Max Herman via NetBehaviour wrote:
> This is great Edward!  It's one of my favorite of the 13 ways in the 
> poem, for starters.  The sound and horizontal scrolling text, with the 
> mirrored river's edge, captures nicely the appeal and axes of rivers.  
> There is an antique quality as well, in a positive sense, not unlike 
> the tones and formatting of consumer print photographs from the 60's 
> and 70's.
> It's a bit strange that Flash, which was definitely a major medium for 
> a long time, and definitely one which I still think of as "new," is 
> just going away.  I don't know if I can think of a similar 
> disappearance, but there must be some.  Technology giveth and taketh 
> away and is never still.
> An interesting metaphor I learned about just this month was 
> Machiavelli's comparison of politics to the flowing river of 
> "Fortuna," which could both be "woven" into canals for human use and 
> also devastate those same creations by drought or deluge. Since 
> Leonardo was chief partner, as engineer, with Machiavelli, as 
> politico, on the incredibly ambitious canal projects of the Medici, I 
> am currently wondering if the Mona Lisa might not be L's democratic 
> yet subtly patient rejoinder to his executively-oriented friend.
> Flumen vestem texitur, or as Calvino took to be his motto, "festina 
> lente."
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> Dear all,
> The River is Flowing
> I’m in the process of transcribing some of my Flash animations to 
> video, since Flash won’t work on any browsers after the end of 2020. 
> This is the twelfth part of my 2007 adaptation of Wallace Stevens’ 
> poem ‘Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird’.
> https://youtu.be/viox0J9-S1 <https://youtu.be/viox0J9-S1w>
> <https://youtu.be/viox0J9-S1w>
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