[NetBehaviour] hello my precious little letters

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Dec 28 23:58:38 CET 2020

hello my precious little letters


o we are all equal will forget our capitals
pretentious they are and useless in every way imaginable
querulous as well and always worred about real spelling
reality means nothing to their bloated candescent energetic minds
so now we've done it inch jumping kwizzickly like mom's nothing
tough luck she said under very wicked breath and i for one
under the weather skip xylophones zinging all by themselves

goodbye my etc.*** this is awful. i can't write poetry. even when
i was writing poetry say concrete poetry i never thought of it
like that. i was reading a book i had published by blazevox a
number of years ago and there it also looks like i had written
poetry. i don't know what's wrong with me. it just seems to leak
out. i feel really uncomfortable in my own skin now. it's not
that i want someone else's skin, i just want to forget these
unsavory things i did in my past. i never would have believed
they would keep returning. it's like a repetitive nightmare that
disappears for years and then what do you know, it's like the
return of sinatra or something. i never could listen to sinatra
but then you know, department store elevators, marching bands,
singing police sirens, and he's all over the place again. i think
if you like sinatra you like poetry but if you like poetry you
don't necessarily have to like sinatra. not even a kenny g.
although i keep wondering if his g.* has something to do with me
being right now under the weather and incapable of being serious.
but i must tell you also right now i am so serious and i have
never been so serious in my entire life. i flee poetry and even
flee fleeing poetry because fleeing poetry is like having a small
poetry car maybe an old vw following me down the street while i
dodge irony and repetition and smarmy rhymes.

'smarmy - oily or buttery praise playing up to someone who uses
tropes and writes poetry, or someone who writes oily or buttery
praise in a poem or ode,' or, i'd add, in anything having to do
with poetry.

*the 'g.' of 'kenny g.' suspiciously seems like a letter of the
alphabet with a period after it. it's like using a letter that
others might have used in poems. just saying. i'm not certain of

**caesar 14.

***i mean 'my precious little letters' or '"my precious little
letters"' depending.


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