[NetBehaviour] DHR: Dictation Hyperspace Road

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Feb 2 04:41:39 CET 2020

DHR: Dictation Hyperspace Road


Something was found on the road that was a cross
between a muscular lower part of a male body and
Lady Liberty and Lady Liberty. Space something was
found on the road and it was blurred in the back
of my mind as memory began to fade and was
replaced. And I'm going to insist that did very
little good. I sit here on the road holding a
picture of the Earth as if I were walking on it.
There was nothing to walk on. the body was nothing
more than a carapace the body was nothing more
than a carry-on and I sat there on the road
waiting for the traffic to come. When traffic
comes from one direction it always goes out in
another. When traffic goes across it creates a
disruption in the universe. In the matrix of
things. At this point in my life all traffic is
disruption. My life is a disruption in the middle
of the road. There is nothing left except to
change direction to weigh the Earth itself at
right angles or obtuse or acute angles - then
anything but straight, anything but the curve of
the road as it appears on the earth as it appears
in this representation of the body. Space of
the body at the call of the road at the body of
the turn of the road at the body sinking into the
road at the body floating ever so slightly above
the road at the body floating ever-so-slightly
carrying no load at all: just the road itself.

Paragraph: there is always a problem with all of
this; I can't even begin to determine where and
when that occurs. There was a problem but for the
beauty of representation. For in the long run here
it is representation that wins out. Everything
is there on the nuances of someone or something
correcting my mind as I go along and then journey
that seems endless and carrying - a carrying of
nothing more than the road itself, then the body
itself, then the carapace the trunk and the legs
on the road or above the road or coming from some
other space entirely.

(coming 'in' from some other space entirely)

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