[NetBehaviour] Tiple Craziness & birthday text

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Feb 3 07:01:49 CET 2020

Tiple Craziness


This instrument is monstrous, as I think I pointed out.
Here's yet another tuning, steampunk music twenty years
after the fact but greatly interesting as the vibrations
seem to ruin everything; even my body doesn't chatter as
much; even the earthquake chatters less.*

"At the basis of human life there exists a _principle of
insufficiency._ In isolation, each man sees the majority of
others as incapable or unworthy of 'being.'"

- Bataille, The Labyrinth, in Visions of Excess, edited
    with introduction and translated by Allan Stoekl.

*flittering nattering tittering tottering frittering
chittering chattering sputtering spattering skittering
smattering muttering pattering cluttering fluttering
glittering littering snittering twittering puttering
tattering prattering clottering flattering splattering
slithering slathering shuddering gathering jittering
pottering shivering scattering stuttering shattering
clattering spluttering ...


And birthday text -

Birthday 77 and still confused after all these years!

http://www.alansondheim.org/YoungAlan.jpg on the way to confusion
and a stellar literary/artistic/newmedia career!

always dysfunctional, insufficient insufficient formings plasmas,
insufficient the insufficient pixel critique** insufficient layers,
lamina. either replacements, always already insufficient layers,
lamina, across or** late. i is insufficient to abjure the doing, as
in the notion there can be no insufficient generators. to mean is
to speak. to speak is to speak among that's insufficient. enough.
refutation all. write their names behind insufficient imaginary
ghosts wandering respond, that our responses are insufficient. how
can i that's insufficient. that's never enough. death is the
refutation of all. insufficient. becoming-devoured. aphanisis.
devouring. heals sutures. insufficient to abjure the doing, as in
the notion there can be no lyric of hacking and the insufficient
evidence that whatever i eat, the meal is insufficient. i
incorporate, the dark lip become jealous at the possibility. birth
and death are insufficient; we the hole of the sphere was
insufficiently vaginal. manuscript some. finish shell, snap
insufficient ecology ensures cliff; canon, are established; there
is no original; words are insufficient. we she is enlightened. this
is insufficient. kwak. two people met back to behind insufficient
formings ghosts susquehanna handheldz from dezktop connections, and
the discharge thus attained is necessarily insufficient.
insufficient layers, lamina. either everything is}{ for - formings
clean avatartist insufficient and filterings plasmas, laminanimal
are always already insufficient layers, lamina, across or of
existence, and an insufficient ecology ensures that there is only a
gnarls or knots in the timber, to an insufficiently high
cutting-speed, so "sir, we have insufficient data" are always
already insufficient layers, lamina. either everything is --- ---
the insufficient pixel is her conceived thee me get thee behind the
film was insufficient, deficient. the short program below formatted
but this was insufficient; in the modeling, i allowed the presence
of seems insufficient. why so inefficient? let's say it has to do
with data say, whatever you do is insufficient, your hands are torn
and proper waters, waters, bodies, insufficient of bodies, formings
of bodies, ending. insufficient pixel conceived thee behind bill
else contributing ending. insufficient pixel conceived thee behind
bill else contributing engorges, its symbols topple, it t opples
insufficient. becoming insufficient clean formings for clean
formings proper formings dusts, for - - for filterings - for
waters, behind for insufficient - formings proximity hardest
endured. possibility. insufficient; thing, to a domain, nothing
more; it is insufficient to structure something "id- this has
produced you. she is enlightened. this is insufficient. kwak. two
self-critique; the critique** are always already insufficient words
lead; they are insufficient. words are devoured; the page close to
the breaking-point, intent on closure with insufficient time,
insufficient bandwidth, the writing, if as if graphemes were as
huddled in fear from flamewars and insufficient bandwidth, the
writing, if documentation of choreographies is insufficient: what
goes, what leaves winograd's microworlds teach us that language is
insufficient and remains is never a "what," never "out there"; what
is out there is insufficient.

(except my birthday! :-) )

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