[NetBehaviour] Personal Atlas - 2019 - Five Years on Instagram

Filipe Matos filip.matos at gmail.com
Fri Feb 7 12:41:07 CET 2020

The power of the camera to be everywhere and to interrelate things is well
indicated in the *Vogue*magazine boast (March 15, 1953) "A woman now, and
without having to leave the country, can have the best of five (or more)
nations hanging in her closet - beautiful and compatible as a statesman's
dream". That is why, in the photographic age, fashions have come to be like
the collage style in painting.

The movie stars and matinee idols are put in the public domain by
photography. They become dreams that money can buy. They can be bought and
hugged and thumbed more easily than public prostitutes. Mass-produced
merchandise has always made some people uneasy in its prostitute aspect.

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