[NetBehaviour] the ghost is the thing of the leg

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Feb 9 23:38:54 CET 2020

the ghost is the thing of the leg


not to have a leg to stand on
to have a leg on the competition
to have a leg up

to remember a body
to remember the slow decay of the body
to remember the body parts to count them

remembering walking running remembering jumping skipping
the tip of the legs the double columns the crease
the legs flat on the ground flat in the air flat out

their curling stumbling and falling
their curling rolling collapsing
their intensity among them between them

legs writing their way across rivers and streams
streaming legs writhing their way across mountains
steaming legs rolling their way from bodies

those bodies and mountains those rivers of legs
those legs streaming those legs the subject of dreams
soft heart of dreams those legs leaving the poem

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