[NetBehaviour] always the last trip

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Feb 12 03:50:09 CET 2020

always the last trip

& america builds


always the last trip last day last night, the last trip
always the last trip last day last night, last trip

because of dizziness on the high-speed road coming up

-reduces tired, dizziness
tension, dizziness. nothing resolves.
the point of dizziness,
extreme dizziness, violent
for a half-hour or ! mid-afternoon: extreme
dizziness things
dizziness too
if i stop i will die. if i die this thought will not be
dizziness, tireless, fingers longer type so much

-because of sound on the road when the streetlights bend
-into the lane i'm speeding in, o slow down, alan slow down
-infinite perspective, road ahead narrowing to a point

fooled you don't want to die on this road
please, i don't want to die haven't done anything to you.
really don't want to die. right side of my body is _there_
on or off the road

but this will be the last long trip the wheels always in
contact with the road, we touch the vector of the country,
we leave that track, caress of the coming-and-going thing,
of/on the road. o pray uselessly for us. in april,
in april's showers & we will see you if we see you

*/i only feel at home on the vector, only feel at home
with/when the impossibility of a singularity as
destination. for that is the journey / no end to it.
i'd say rushing into the infinite "there's no end to it."

on an increasingly small plateau of the living
while america builds
while america builds everything in the world
while america builds a wall at the singularity
while america smashes disrupters at the wall
provocateurs at the wall
you and me at the wall in high speed travel
to the destination "america builds"
where we won't arrive
where we've already arrived

because of dizziness on the high-speed road coming up


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