[NetBehaviour] making pink

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Feb 14 14:59:25 CET 2020

making pink


pink ones with soft-shelled carapace "predictability" language)
better comprehend perspectives. shows set pink Black noise and
pink noise have distinguishable spectral characteristics; Hr tru
pink No 38 VO HW "HX" ck 12 collect N P R I lost a poem about
pink jelly. It was by someone else, actually I think Luscious
pink petals leaned against the blackness of the nighttime screen.
The blush of the world unfolded itself in the pink of the text.
The pink stares at the pink above the exhibition space. The pink
texture is that of an avatar body; almost what fun says insects
purple flower, fed into pink petal flower between pink sludge and
sky the pink ooze won bright pink kloreen aqua-blue-green the
bands feature brownish purple coming fed into pink petal flower
matrix, bees and flowers, across a fed confusing. there were two
albino ones, all pink and red and yellow, about ... ...  belief
in atomic light ... delicate fluttering pink things in the wires
over there did pink sludge make everything pink we want to know
felt pink sludge fluttering pink things don't need air i felt
pink sludge trembling in my hand inverted, reached down to kill
the world.the flush of pink and in this is often yellow.  Have a
pink envelope.  The wierd cloud rarely language and wall of pink
sludge , last day on earth first day of pink sludge lavender
rectangle perhaps. For the im\ ating blue or pink or live in pink
granite. these embed bedrock. these embedrock. pink sludge
witnessing pink sludge is a new world risking my life i did to
make this pink sludge film street screams as pink sludge devours
all stupid pink sludge ooze converts my brain substitution
attention; The pink red, lavender rectangle perhaps. For im\ the
daemons. They were almost transparent, their skin all pink like
the the living pink sludge hiding under the guise of snow the
pink sludge made the wind roar and groan the year the day the
pink sludge descended their pink turned green-and-brown them had
tracked a pink crystalline snow-like substance on the floor, and
white red dusts /\ light pink hot pink royal blue light blue lime
green ... ... pink in atomic light

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