[NetBehaviour] Age / Inert

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Feb 20 04:56:02 CET 2020

Age / Inert


sometimes landscape / weather resonates with speed as if objects
are always already under erasure, literally; of course this is
true. objects and dynamics coalesce against the phantasm of
language and its articulations and protocols. we draw the
boundaries for others, boundaries at a distance. our violence is
with us; we are not with us; we roil, resist boundaries, recognize
the transparency of gatherings, accumulations, loose collocations,
the minimal truths of inadequacy and the problematic of enclosure

"The tragedy of growing old is not that one is old but that one is
young." - Ruth Rendell

growing old is a complex of outlasting and being outlasted; the
married. goodly number weeks growing old. will friendship Jean. For
growing old. will friendship Jean. For abiding This eventime i'm
growing old and increasingly stupid. i bang my head against the
same growing old and not wanting to start over yet again. So yes,
growing older & witnessing the reign of deaths. I worry about
growing old, when I won't be able to play music any more.
literally, "It's no fun growing old" and a good part of this is
read like never such again they will - i m growing old. growing old
is a complex of outlasting and being outlasted, growing old. will
friendship Jean. For abiding. This eventime. it's always like this,
i'm growing old and azure and i live alone, i can't write more.

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