[NetBehaviour] César Escudero Andaluz. So many ways to mess up with surveillance capitalism. Interview with Regine Debatty.

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This is fantastic and on target and thanks! What do you think is the
relationship between bitcoin and art production today? And why is art
production re: bitcoin tied to the substrate?  For me,  probably wrongly,
the problematic economics tends to dominate the work itself - which is why
the slow machines etc. discussed are perfect!

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> César Escudero Andaluz. So many ways to mess up with surveillance
> capitalism. Interview with Regine Debatty.
> Back in 2016, César Escudero Andaluz and Martín Nadal hacked an old
> calculator and turned it into Bitttercoin “the worst Bitcoin miner ever”.
> Relying on a rudimentary technology, the machine takes an excruciatingly
> long time (estimated to an eternity) to validate the pending transactions
> in the blockchain. Meanwhile, the complex computational operations are
> printed on a seemingly endless scroll. I’ll be forever grateful to the two
> artists for creating a work that materialises so clearly the invisible
> calculations, physical dimension and ecological impact of blockchain
> technology. It’s one of those works that make your life easier when you
> have to explain an otherwise abstruse technological innovation.
> Today I’m interviewing César Escudero Andaluz (hopefully one day, i’ll get
> to talk with Martín Nadal as well!) César is doing a Ph.D at the Interface
> Cultures department, Kunstuniversität Linz. His practice as an artist and
> researcher investigates Human-Computer Interaction, interface criticism,
> digital culture and its social and political effects. Although it always
> has elements of playfulness and humour about it, his work is grounded in
> the kind of socio-political interrogations that make our time so
> infuriating and stimulating.
> The artist’s critical approach to technology can be found in works such as
> an orchestra of musical instruments that mine for Bitcoins, a 3D printable
> kit to cut undersea internet cables, a series of cassettes which audio
> emerges from the data extracted on the social media profiles of The Yes
> Men, Nuria Güell, Oliver Grau, Noam Chomsky, Alexei Shulgin, Lynn Hershman,
> Vuk Cosic, etc.
> https://we-make-money-not-art.com/cesar-escudero-andaluz-so-many-ways-to-mess-up-with-surveillance-capitalism/
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