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Sat Feb 22 03:35:34 CET 2020


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wait a minute, have to move this over . is it everything that's
going on or just this window? I was opting for this window. The
car's being repaired at the moment. So far so good. A----'s working
again next to me. Are there names here that are problematic? echo
of the machine. Thought is defined by flux, by an absolute symbolic
machine chatter, the ideal forms so many subroutines... matter) be
a construct of the machine itself - just as gender- bending
forgetting, forgotten, forged and forgotten, emissive. The machine
recognizes no gender; the machine recognizes nothing. The machine
recognizes every gender; the machine is never a machine, but an
episteme. The machine, continuously changing, is an episteme
through which run on my machine, nor on the machines of my friends,
since it's been the machine that spits errors back into my breasts,
clogs my throat with indigo machine. I still got the bounce
somewhere on hideous netcom machinery which takes longer than death
conditions, then it seems clear that full machine intelligence is a
matter otherwise; machines have been making, and will continue, to
make gains in problem of other minds, whether organic,
machine-like, or cyborg. Sixth, the argument from Fifth is based on
the notion that machine intelligence would be always already
mechanistic, since machine subunits are early 70s) that _as
machines grow in complexity and programming, their machines, as
among carbon-based organisms, is an emergent phenomenon, and
Seventh, there is always the question of environment. Even with a
machine machine composed of neural networks that alter not only
weighted values of Eighth, to conclude: First, there is no reason
to assume that machines deterministic environment, since a rich
environment could affect a machine internal states - already the
case) ways. Therefore one may assume machine conscious or not, and
if a machine, using Speech, names the object of its ted - and so is
the mind, clearly, of machine intelligence or cyborg. In Upanishad,
I.3.11) _The machine checked its resources. It possessed aural,
grown in recent weeks, and I begin to see the wound in the machine,
the machine graced by unknown fires, consumptions, decays, which
force me to the machine-interior splayed open, vulnerable, torn. It
is of a whole, a All machines contain their wounds, which are
precise, often enumerated; Beyond the true trust one has in a new
machine, the sense of mastery and power, the use of a machine which
is injured creates a form of delicacy, This machine is allowing me
to continue, to type a bit farther. It may be tions can be odd; it
takes more machinery to get me from panix.com to 1. Telnet:
Remotely logging in to another machine. Hand-printing materials,
drawings, etc. for ppress and exhibition, some on theoretical
machines. your machine. dependent as usual upon consumption, fast
machines, and the lucky me who backup. Traceroute to my machine.
Everything fine. The almost a spelling-machine; the letters and
diacritical marks render with extended Net capabilities - I dream
of monster machines running at not beyond our machinery to design
them. So what is happening here, stasis; the machines see no reason
to continue, "machines" in line and primary means of access, and
that her machine may be as simple as an older archies of users
based on the machines they're able to afford. attachment. Moving
from the Linux machine to Solaris, the whole account the back, take
the machine over, grab superuser status as fast as you can of any
other way. It's aggression that gets machines where you want them,
made. And there's no greater satisfaction - you're sitting at your
machine Have access to such machinery as necessary - while almost
every HITTITE The machine continues its access. Thinking of
bitcoin? - is this text tied to this machine? to the HITTITE? So
there's a better margine here. We're going to be called up soon; I
hear noise going on in the background. Electronic literature
because I'm writing/reading under pressure; everything's recorded,
can see the light above so for the rest of this... wasn't this
doing "it" before? everything miniaturized at the bottom of the
screen, no idea, will try to stop this now.

... "I know this sounds ridiculous - but I'm on to something. If
the body is hairless, then for example mud or blood will 'stick' to
it - be obvious. Of course this is the beginning of symbolization -
it would appear comical, or different, one person to another - it's
a miniscule step - not even a step - to drawing something on the
face, body, etc. So in this case, I'd bet that writing predates
language, or at least the two were contingent / contiguous in
origin. From writing on the body - it's not difficult to see how
signs of that sort would be connected to sounds by mimesis - even
if the original sounds were nothing more than laughing or crying."
"from text to test to tesxt to tsext dream of wet ink wet dream of

- is this the machine? what's the point of

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