[NetBehaviour] Utterings - a live audio networked performance, for Audioblast #8 / Feb 22nd 4.30PM GMT+1

Daniel Pinheiro danielpinheiro.geral at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 19:02:21 CET 2020

[image: utterigsBlindfolded3.jpg]

a live networked audio performance for Audioblast #8
*February 22nd 2020, 4.30PM GMT+1 . Duration: 30 minutes.*

Live Broadcast (during the event) here

*Utterings* is a project by *Annie Abrahams* (FR) and *Daniel Pinheiro*
(PT) with *Constança Carvalho Homem* (PT), *Curt Cloninger* (US), *Nerina
Cocchi* (BE) and *Derek Piotr* (US) as invited artists and collaborators
and with technical assistance by *Jan de Weille*.

*Utterings* is a sound-only networked performance experiment where six
artists commit to a 30 min long exchange across distance. The artists
gather online and, while blindfolded, they engage in utterings as
communication, building on solo’s, duo’s, chorales and silence, creating an
on the fly “new” language that forwards attention, trust and affects above
rationality. Six sound streams (no instruments used) are interlaced and
entangled in one single polyphonic composition shared live in the
audioblast program. The protocol for this performance will be written
collectively in the week before the performance and will be available here.

*Utterings* is a collaborative attempt to go beyond the borders and
closures created by languages, opening up and transgressing these in a
performance that probes meaning through pre-language communication and
formerly un-inhabited expressions.

Protocol for connection and more information here

Daniel Pinheiro

.:+351918814598 / Skype: dapinheiro1

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<https://daniel-pinheiro.tumblr.com/post/190948999026/utterings> (a live
audio networked performance)
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