[NetBehaviour] Some of Cross-Country Trip

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Feb 24 18:36:40 CET 2020

Some of Cross-Country Trip


We'll be on the road from early March through the end of April /
beginning of May. Packing's stressful. The texts have slowed
slightly. My health suffers from aporia. We'll be driving between
7000-8000 miles, carrying clothes, medicines, tech, musical
instruments, radios. We're going through Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake
City, Grants Pass, Vancouver (WA), Victoria (BC), Rochester, in no
particular order. My dreams are emptied of detail except for, as
you might imagine, space and somatic ghosting. I wake anxious for
the country. We'll have daily computer access. Wave to us on the

Taking more or less -

CDs - Textbook of Thinking? - 4 copies??
FSF, LIMIT, Threnody, Avatar Woman, Dragon and Phoenix
(5 each of FSF, LIMIT, Dragon; 4 each of Avatar, Threnody)
etc. - more than these if possible

camera - Panasonic - instructions - cable - charger - Adapters
in camera case: Tecsun, earphones, H4n, cables, Sony memorecorder
binoculars, shortwave

instruments: harmonica, 3 dan moi, 8 string uke, flute, viola,
Chinese chi? shakuhachi?, picks - or Martin terz instead of uke?

computer: Lenovo - screen wipes - 500g external drive, 4 flash drives
-- in case, paper copies of texts, books,  etc., Azure's computer,

Azure's songs :
-- and the rest of them --

Azure's Ipod and earbuds, laptop, kindle

NETBOOK! - try to avoid netbook? check out

2 Umbrellas
reusable grocery bags
plastic box and dish towel for humidity

AAA - maps and guidebooks and triptiks


Clothing (not optional)
Hygrometer, car humidifier,

No weapons.


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