[NetBehaviour] The Musima Dictation

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Feb 27 03:31:38 CET 2020

The Musima Dictation


So working and working on trying to decide which guitar to take
with me so I can practice when we're on the road going across
country. I was trying to decide what guitar to take going across
country. I was going to take the Mart. But tomorrow turned out to
be too delicate period so now I'm taking up oussama. Dimmu summer
is an East German guitar but made later around 1990. it was made by
an East German company now out of business. It's rugged. it was
found in the corner junkie area of a music distribution warehouse.
Now it's been restored by rushel rosencranz.* and plays extremely
well. So it's going to occupy a huge amount of the back seat which
is unfortunate when were driving but it's the only one that I can
really use for practice. I'll take less of other instruments but I
will probably take either aviola or a violin as well so this is
where it standing at the moment. this is a bit of the sound of them
ucema I recorded it to see how well it would actually record and it
sounds fine. It allows me to practice and at the same time to focus
instead of on the instrument to focus on the new media work I'm
bringing with me which of midley takes up a lot less space. If you
can't tell this is being dictated. It's like riding down a ski Hill
slope that Steve with high moguls everywhere and crash landing into
a world of pain and fury and misspelling. I need to have an
instrument with me that will give me time to sort of spread out and
think about the kind of music I want to play. that's the main
reason for taking this one instrument. Yes I'll also bring a flute
aschach a haci any a model of an antique Chinese flute called the
chi but these are going to be secondary and take up almost no room
now that you have heard this you might more interested in listening
to what the guitar can do. Is is taking up almost the whole
afternoon and I am getting really tired huetar. is this still
really listing everyth....nd then I'm saying to no avail
period..... dot dot dot dot dot dot did you catch that? Yes I
did,,, the guitar is imusa MA MUS I am a well that didn't come out
right MUSIMA here is how to spell musema MUSI am a period so we
finally got it its OK you know what the guitar that was an odd ah
ah or if azmeer. Jueves mirror. Jueves mere. Wave is mere. Jueves
mere.. Lord God almighty this doesn't seem to be going anywhere
period dictation isn't supported here or anywhere else in my
vicinity. so enjoy the music. Weather day for talking. What a day
for talking. **

*Rachel Rosenkrantz!
** Please note: I have not given my soul to music any more than to
theory or new media. I have not been seen busking on Trafalgar
square. That's someone else with a musima.

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