[NetBehaviour] rememory memorial of rememberance

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Feb 28 19:33:44 CET 2020

rememory memorial of rememberance


I want to be remembered for zingers great times in Atlanta poor
judgment with academic authorities foolish long-time non-stop
driving across country bizarre artworks poor behavior early digital
media work first m.a. in creative poetry seeing the darker side of
things anxiety and depression pioneering video work early computer
analysis of determinism in humans strange and untoward
philosophical works an amazing partner and amazing friends
development of an equally untoward writing style sleeplessness the
Lost and Novel projects at trAce fast improvisation on various
instruments beginning the Atlanta Biennale with others curating in
general intensities in landscapes lists like this work on immersive
and definable hierarchies semantic ghosting fundamental of the real
sorrow and abjection over despairing behavior occasional setting
things to right among others inability to avoid contrariness dreams
of new musics exposing contradictions in network displays altered
motion capture phenomena edgespace and blankspace hallucinations
and philosophy an ongoing philosophy of inadequacy as the final

memorial of rememberance

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