[NetBehaviour] Ambush on Six Sides, Ambush on Six Strings

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jan 2 05:29:53 CET 2020

Ambush on Six Sides, Ambush on Six Strings


There's a classical pipa tune, translated variously, one version,
Ambush on Ten Sides. Amazing virtuoso performance! Here, the
sides translate into six strings, tuned a fifth low on an Aria
classical guitar. They register cacophony, background dissonance
- whatever's fingered or barred, comes out against that. There's
always a return. There's no metaphor here; strings almost never
stay in tune. But there's work involved. What's the point of
this? - That almost anything works, not only in a proper context,
but also in an improper context. Let's call this "inproper." Then
there's always an inproper context, in-propriety, within its dark
or other corners, coroners. Coroners after the ambush, corners,
where lurks. Everything goes on afterwards, as before. But for a
moment there, out of the coroner of the ear...

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