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Nov 15, 2018 Said there's a difference between duration per se
and whether we can establish duration one doesn't necessarily
imply the ... Nov 11, 2018 Said we who evolved ready we who have
already been forgotten await the. We will have already been
forgotten await see. Whi... Said these are things these movements
these residences that we have to remember we have made that we
have to know that the... Said can you tell me what this is about?
Sometimes I wonder if scratch that no turn back. Sometimes I try
to make sense of... Nov 8, 2018 Said apologies for bad typing
here. I'm on cell phone. Said more spacing between the paragraphs
if that's possible. Said north-facing Said as well as more space
Said also Justified the text. The original right hand ragged
margin I'd really like to see retained Said the, Said hi Jonathan
Karma Nov 7, 2018 Said I am become closer than you might imagine
I am becoming inconceivably closer. There is none closer than I.
The sheen ... Said 27. The 27. To seven. The word to the word
seven. Said my body parts are already listed they're spread out
their effluvia there is staying on the water there is staying on
... Said my stick which is hell is whatever shakes in front of
you whatever shakes behind you shakes to the north shakes to
th... Said I'm wearing something it's barely covering me I would
say that almost everything is descending here into sexuality
al... Said they call me whatever it takes to hide in the corner
of the voting booth and to Pure out at the people arming and
mar... Said what I'm making is what you're giving me the power to
make. That's all that's going on. There's nothing really
happen... Said everything's okay with me is everything okay with
you you asking if it's okay to change genders well first of all
gen... Said what does it really matter what my name is I'm not
sure this has any relevance here I'm not sure it has any meaning
I... Nov 6, 2018 Said la la la la la la la Said now I speak again
and this is the second part I feel that it's wrong of me that
it's delay or a kind of parasitic byp... Nov 5, 2018 Said hi.
I'll try again. I did use my phone with the scan and it didn't
pick up from the images which seemed a little bit ... Nov 3, 2018
Said what are the military ranks of the United States Air Force
Said what are the ranks of the Air Force Nov 1, 2018 Said I am
responsible for it Donald Trump it is I who created him and now I
have no power to destroy him you might punish ... Oct 29, 2018
Said I also find you idea of talentis talentless crap ugly
because what one man's crap or one woman's crap is might be
som... Said I just don't share your feelings about this your
position seems a little bit elitist I don't understand what Vasa
and... Oct 28, 2018 Said can you be allergic to melatonin Said hi
K first dark is not good in this case we've all lost people in
the Holocaust I'm sorry dark is not good at all.... Oct 27, 2018
Said I don't think he was troubled at all. In some ways I think
he was normal. And the whole thing is all too clear. Oct 26, 2018
Said you'll be fine this is totally useless Said she says write
it Said yes Said it says things like my device agreement more
options view plan details view upgrade eligibility my device
agreement c... Said I don't see anything saying select mobile ads
on this Said I already submitted the request you will have Said
okay she says do not worry Said yes it was a Sprint up here and I
can also go online but then this connection will be dropped Said
I'm not sure what that last sentence means chicken for you right
forget that Said can you get me out of the analytic program Said
did you get that Said I want to opt out of analytics and I keep
getting the message that the site is down or that there is an
error on your... Said speak to someone the number here is
-------------. I need to speak to someone Said what I think here
is sharp but what comes out through verbal dictation is loose
almost Ramblin as if numerous paths a... Said the idea is that
work or writing or text or any sort of cultural production need
not be aligned with one's biographic... Said earlier today I was
reading a text by Derrida and it got me to thinking that what I
wanted to say is that my life is ... Said I hate their noise.
Said I hate phones. What I was saying is that neither Azure nor I
qualify. You might well you should check the sites. Said you also
should check on health care whether you would be eligible for
that there are sites that give you a lot of in... Said I've been
trying to get into Canada with Azure for a long time but it's
impossible for us you also have to Said for some reason this
makes me really sad and I keep thinking of what has passed since
the murder Said what we've always been. Said well what I do is
fly to the ceiling and then because I can't really do that I fall
to the ground and hurt myself and... Oct 25, 2018 Said hope we're
in there Oct 24, 2018 Said thank you so much Oct 22, 2018 Said
you have a lot of backup Oct 19, 2018 Said it's come down to this
there's nothing else left what what am I trying to say here but
that there is a limited amount... Oct 16, 2018 Said hi Jocelyn
I'm dictating this so apologies ahead of time for any errors. Yes
tomorrow is the day of as yours operatio... Oct 11, 2018 Said at
long last, it's moments like these when the apparatus finally
falls into place that the voice can connect directly... Said now
we are trying to speak in a way that might be really useful here.
I'm not sure I can go any farther with this but... Said testing 1
2 3 hello hello hello Said testing 1 2 3 Oct 9, 2018 Said not
sure you got my message I love you Azure I'll see you when we're
back take care beautiful pictures I said I'd be ... Said
beautiful picture as Azure but that should say Azure beautiful
picture as her but I'm glad I'm not there I think it w... Oct 5,
2018 Said . and great talking with you last night. Love Said hi
Margie,, this might be of use to you in terms of environmental
thinking Said hi Andrew, thank you greatly for doing this. I
think this reply is perfect. Please do send it off with our names
atta... Oct 1, 2018 Said it's beautiful and looks also a little
bit like piranesi I'm dictating here so the result is bizarre a
little bit. We... Sep 29, 2018 Said will look soon your father
gave me the URL a while ago but I've been preparing for a
residency with motion capture th... Sep 18, 2018 Said open pose
Sep 14, 2018 Said hurricane Florence now Said Andorra Sep 13,
2018 Said National Hurricane Center Said are electric Dragsters
faster than Top Fuel dragsters Said are electric dragsters Said
Washington Post hurricane coverage Sep 12, 2018 Said Rhode Island
primary results Said human Beast Said are Necco Wafers going out
of business Logo for Firefox Browser: fast, private & safe web
browser Firefox Browser: fast, private & safe web browser Said
hurricane Florence Sep 11, 2018 Said hi I have no idea which of
these texts are from the 1970s they weren't dated in the first
place. I would like to see ... Said in this way correction in
this way we're constructing even here resemblance of a
theoretical text based on the speaki... Said . space Said . in
this manner failure itself is raised to the level of something to
be sought something to be learned from. This i... Said I don't
like this by the way Said I'm dictating this again because we
have guests in the other room and I don't have access to the
computer. I agree wi... Said hi Andrew Sep 10, 2018 Said that
sounds amazing to have that kind of give-and-take. I once played
with a sax player who is that one end of huge h... Said apologies
I'm dictating. Probably better if I work in the hotel and then
maybe your office when I'm on campus. Otherw... Sep 7, 2018 Said
what is the proper humidity to keep a violin at Said I'm going to
ask Aug 30, 2018 Said what is LG health Aug 29, 2018 Said how did
Dylan Thomas die Said turn the music off Said stop the music Said
say there's a problem with these Said play shakuhachi music Said
turn off the music Said OK Google play shakuhachi for me Aug 26,
2018 Said thank you for this I'm dictating it my reply. I hope it
makes some sense. I agree with Judith's letter in tirely enti...
Said J. W. Lake Said J. Elf no sorry Aug 22, 2018 Said HTTP colon
slash slash Alan's son time. Org Said Gmail.com Said Sondheim at
panics Said sometime no Said Allen Sondheim Said I'm not sure I
would call them Proto humans but I would just call them humans.
Also wanted to tell you that we were j... Aug 18, 2018 Said where
is the trash folder on this phone Aug 17, 2018 Said Alan Said hi
at the moment I'm at a conference I will reply as soon as I can
but definitely would like to be part of this. Than... Aug 15,
2018 Said how big is an aardvark Aug 11, 2018 Said stop Said did
Muhammad have a pet cat named muezza Aug 10, 2018 Said what
happened to Credit Karma Aug 8, 2018 Said and the address says no
one's going to know I'm a Jew yay Said so ------ says it's oh so
yeah so she says that's enough damage yeah for the that's enough
damage for the night you know Said hi ----- would say Greece from
Providence and as your would say what would you say as you was
just waving her arms an... Said see you soon in Montreal if we
don't see you first and in any case I hope this makes some sort
of sense. It's always ... Said very nervous about the attempt to
talk about four or five different categories of semeiotics within
the space of 15 m... Aug 6, 2018 Said are there any accidents on
the way to Montreal Said how long will it take me to drive to
Montreal Said what's the weather like Said where's the nearest
gas station Said where are we Looks like you've reached the end

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