[NetBehaviour] What happens when lower ascii hits a roadblock:

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Jan 7 04:38:49 CET 2020

What happens when lower ascii hits a roadblock:


Beginning the difficult work of erase-rebuild Fri Dec 20 02:56:46
EST 2019 armor Working on sex tool bolted fieldwork

Sun Jan  5 21:26:32 EST 2020

or some other appndage, i think that might be the fingers on the
hands on the wrists on the arms on the shoulders on the torso or
chest, note the ingular at the end of it all. Sun Jan 5 21:33:12
EST 2020 where is this going? mistakes were made...Sun Jan 5
21:33:46 EST 2020

This is the distance of your new Clar

Sun Jan  5 21:26:32 EST 2020

arg.blork, jaundice enterprise, small insignifcant objectSun Jan
5 21:27:15 EST 2020

back up now, what on earth? something is generating q's (queues)
in this space. surely something's missing in dialog in bash on
ubuntu in windowsSun Jan 5 21:28:33 EST 2020 too many upper
ascii material coming to roost, occasionally a word APPEARS or
appeals in the midst of the hurricaneSun Jan 5 21:29:29 EST 2020

Sun Jan  5 21:29:31 EST 2020
Sun Jan  5 21:29:59 EST 2020
Sun Jan  5 21:30:32 EST 2020

upper ascii roughage in the midst of preposterous declamations in
a yellow rectangle in pBUWSun Jan 5 21:32:08 EST 2020 now, that
one just took an "enter" to suddenly make sense (become
senseless)Sun Jan 5 21:32:33 EST 2020 and then no longer pageUp
again but enter for the second time. enter the yellow rectangle,
lines replaced by queues (qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqs)Sun Jan 5 21:34:16
EST 2020 Sun Jan 5 21:34:20 EST 2020


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