[NetBehaviour] Pithkiavli (NeMe)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jan 9 19:51:32 CET 2020

This is the Cyprian flute I received after discussions with Yiannis 
Christidis and Yiannis Colakides in Limassol; it was ordered from Nicosia, 
and arrived three days ago. A better image I think is below; it came with 
a soft case and fingering chart. There are online examples of traditional 
players. It's a fipple flute, which means there's less control over 
volume. It goes over three octaves which is amazing, and seems to weigh 
about as much as a euro. For me this is an inversion of my avatar work; 
not only does it return to the idea of care and the body, but also it 
brings history and place into play; it seems to be native to Cyprus, not a 
Greek import. Have a listen if you have a chance. - and again, thanks to 
Helene, Yiannis, and Yiannis in Limassol, and Furtherfield for making all 
of this possible. -



4 , pithkiavli recorded with reverberation, one channel
lowered two octaves, both channels combined, all in
post production.
1 , pithkiavli recorded with reverberation
3 , pithkiavli through supercollider reverse reverberation

extending my vocabulary of playing and recording, relying on what
I already know, new worlds delighting me.

Translation of the receipt - "I have received from Mr. Irineos
Koullouras from Limassol the amount of 60 euros for the sale of an
adroit classic pithkiavlin, tuned in C tonal, at 15 oC, of 6,1cm
diameter." Note that temperature; the maker also asked for the
general humidity.

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