[NetBehaviour] Pithkiavli sp.

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Thu Jan 9 20:30:28 CET 2020

Hi Alan,

These recordings are really great.  They remind me of a Chinese CD I have, which has some pieces that actually remind me of bluegrass a little!

Would it be possible to commission a recording of "The Beautiful" on that instrument, or would the keys not work?

Best regards,


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Pithkiavli sp.

http://www.alansondheim.org/pithkiavli.jpg (graphic score)

A beautiful Cyprian flute, made for me by a flutemaker in Nicosia
(see receipt). I'm beginning to play it; here are two examples of
the sound. I Favor pith2.mp3. The flute is incredibly light, came
here through DHL along with three catalogs; it took three days to
travel from Limassol, Cyprus, to Providence, RI. Very hard to use
in the lowest octave; on the other hand, easy to swoop in and out
of it. It's wonderful, enjoy! And thanks to Yiannis, Yiannis, and

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