[NetBehaviour] Methodologies, followed by Textual Followers

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
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Methodologies, followed by Textual Followers


"First off, I can send you the perl programs I use, as well as the
dialog ones, and the awk programs for that matter. I've used these
for years, modifying them as I go along. There are around 21 perl
program, and 3 dialog programs. Some of the programs allow someone
to answer questions and the answers may or may not be manipulated
by the program. This goes back to work I did in the 1970s with an
active editor that would change the text coming into it on the fly.
I'm still looking for the original book that had this material - I
know there are copies in the archives, but I have to wait until I'm
out at the ELO archive to find and reproduce it. There are at least
9 awk filters. I also rewrote the Eliza program in Emacs at one
point, turning it sexualized and attributing it to one of my
avatars, Nikuko. Then I've also worked with rewriting talkers and
rewriting an lpmud as well. That was years ago. All of this of
course is text-based.

"I can't really program; I get help, I can kludge, etc. I did some
simple programming in Pascal, Qbasic, VisualBasic, and Basic, as
well as writing language programs (in an entire programming space
of 1 k!) to create digital poetry for a TI59 calculator.

"My textual manipulation are created by need, almost pulling the
various commands from what I envision as a final text. I use a lot
of commands - awk, sed (a lot!), grep (a lot!), fold, cut, rev, tac
(where available), wc (to see what's happening), sort, ispell,
dict, alpine, ytalk, head, tail, vim (rarely), lynx (on occasion),
traceroute, ping, emacs (rarely now), etc. If I don't know how to
do something, I'll find the answer quickly online which is a huge
help. At one point as you know, Sandy and I prepared a cd-rom with
all sorts of short programs for use at the Center for Literary
Computing that he was running at WVU. The programs were for
students. Somewhere I have a disk, not sure where but could
probably find it. There should also be one at this point at the ELO

"I've also used games btw, rewriting adventure for example, and
using things like caesar (very simple), figlets, a lot of stuff
from bsd-games which are getting harder to find at this point. And
I've even used Second Life and other virtual worlds, getting texts
from errors or commands...

"I try to bring out the 'inner worlds' of texts, or work with
textual debris; the ytalk texts for example were used with net sex,
years ago, and I had to find a way to record the double or triple
streams of conversation (sometimes I just opened up ytalk in
different windows and talked with myself; I did this also with
talkers). The language would be broken up by the application, but
this also allowed other things to emerge. Over the turnover from
1999-2000, the 'hinge' of the millennium, I organized people around
the world (here and there) to send in traceroutes to see if there
was a Cobol slowdown; the collection of traceroutes with a
description was issued under the auspices of the trAce online
writing communiity when I was a virtual writer-in-residence.

"I see texts as a kind of talking, within a world (Dufrenne's world
of the text), so anything, any writing, is a phenomenology itself,
or tends/lends itself towards a phenomenological approach to
writing. This gets complicated, because such textual worlds aren't
(even in a novel!) accompanied by visual images - Sartre pointed
that out in Psychology of the Imagination. So what's actually
happening internally is incredibly complex.

"To continue, briefly, the textual manipulations are performed in a
terminal (for the most part) that works with lower ascii; I'm in
that now using Alpine. I can move things around quickly; I'm not
distracted by ads or images etc. I can add them later elsewhere; in
many cases, the text 'wraps around' audio, video, image, or other
things. I think of my virtual world pieces as environments that
anyone can enter, even though many of them are created as localhost
on my own machine. I'd work in VR and AR if I could, but I don't
have access to equipment for these. I'm just moving, thinking,
writing/wryting in yellow-green text on black background, nothing
else. When I need visuals I also have gimp, premiere, audacity,
audition, blender (earlier), or photoshop etc. or my camera..."


Talk privacy outlawed, only outlaws private. guns are have guns.
your friends dead, dead friends. sex crime, criminals sex. numbers
indeterminate numbers. network really down, down network. Clara
desires, desired Clara. watch times, time watched. Where land
scarce, scarce land. cured, cured die. bandwidth lean, lean
bandwidth. good die young, old evil. we silenced, silent speak.


being apart, room thought. (My descending, leave shape-rider,
beauteous, thought.) Moon Wedding Wetting blood, lie dawn rose-red
creation. Trempez m'avec votre sang, je ment seul vous, mondedans
ton trou, le monde une aube de cr?ation rose.[votre] [m] chant?,
[je] [ment] [seul][vous] [supine], [moonFaites ? dedans]
[trou]tonne, [monde] [le]rose [une] [de] [aube]un[chant?], figure
dedans]] [tonne] [de], Rose CielL'aube la belle jeune fille e'te'
vif dans lespermissions des arbres solennels dont lumie"re luit
pareil?tinceler d'une vague fa^che' oce'an. Elle veut maigre
enavant, son corps re^ve gar?ons locaux dormir a" midi, etpas
travaillerait quand elle sourire. vergerses dents blanc, fore^t
cheveux noir! Le cielsourire sur la, agiter guerre contre a^ge,
maintenanttout ce reste e^tre me'moire. Suzanne, tel bonheur
porterai avec pour toujours!P. VerlaineRancor Sometimes comes over
feels throat cut, thin, seat repression, speech blocked My breath
dissolves _present_ appears primary although written forced
self-same another, oneself. force blow. blow can deflected; spoken

casting spectra "By mid 1956, FBI total 141,231,773 fingerprints
file, 29,215,596 criminal files section representing 11,336,-

M   R   000
-------------------------L   19   W

soles, crosses levers. pulls levers, jungles clouds, sprays ocean
breezes, flying fish, jagged moon Miranda, his childhood molecular
unknown plant. Tired releases backwards, mimicking analog, backup,
backup. Forgotten rush by, consoles swimming, floating, air-borne
earth. Dim stir Travis, while feeling emergent end, nearly there,
Was new, hardly. fit lip rim physical reality, he'd himself,
strange slid orange turned hyperspace. Another pull lever seemed
familiar, last, pull. He felt, Felt backup okay. near Backed Blind
Spot Certain Life Body Late night, recline, nude, bed, search signs
embodiment, inhabitation slowly withdrawns, ends fulcrum glasses
view, focus, sharpening outlines, creating three-dimensionality
accompanied thinking, sheave conflicting processes constitute ego.
run hands nails right-hand fingers long, musical instrument. Half
culture, nature, signify variously others, fingertips minutely.
think do. narcissism, images, fantasies, begins, narratives
everywhere inhabited women, organs, history. Surrounded discursive
formations various stages signifier dissolve approach climax.
Through glasses, note penis straining vertically; feel cum chest,
slightly cooling hurry off. flow, impossible describe, started
stopped, slight sensation heat. work. matrices _glass_ (and
restoration purified vision, however defined), music. embodied,
sunk hysteria unravelling sexual discourse, climactic moment falls
away, imagine upon, stabbing. occurs defined _withdrawal_ except
localization long-waves solitons defining: orgasmic-body,
stabbed-body, dead-angry-body, enraptured-body. Embodiment splits
acculturated narratological withdrawal become classical
philosophically spilled everywhere. withdrawal, however, special
case, tagged-body, tagging acquainted example Tantric know) also
acculturation. exclude fundamental physicality; interpenetrates).
So discourse withdrawal former, effacement, latter, narratology
effacement varies widely. extent role, cyberspace/cybermind
troubled (delete/kill _functions_ role within/without body).
difficulty in. disassociate, thought- without-a-body possible
(there reason soliton tagged-bodies, representative (again touching
Lyotard's essay Inhuman). Thought-without-a-body imply necessity
physical matrix, assume required. limited physics, exactly _what_
say. (Perhaps saying trapped split/disembodied parts, terms
representation current formations including sicknesses, orgasms,
amputations, deaths, states which, death-beyond-memory, cultural
interweavings. why questions epistemology clouded
computer-mediated-communication, occasionally troubled.)

---------------------cut lowering framework------------------

Spirits spirit move moving, within. spirits, they, move, me? say?
mankind womankind sick. species spirits sick, them. unsaid. sick
unsaying European nations European, nations. movements sickness
chant repeating saying, saying. Language continuing neighborhoods,
neighborhood ocean-mountain language desert-prairie language. dunes
wadis, spirit. dune-wadi sick Go figure, Whatever, whatever.
Backwards gateways simulated suffering beings dimensions

---------------------stitched uplifted framework-------------

Broken Posts, Sustained Thought


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