[NetBehaviour] murmuration music

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jan 12 18:46:33 CET 2020

murmuration music


four tracks pithkiavli, one track c albert system clarinet
maquette for song, music in its own rite, the murmuratio
of breath to sound, body to breath, sound to air, airworld

curlicue mumble mumbling murmuration murmuring crushing curse My
arms are a swarm of starlings, murmuration. they are murmuration
everywhere curlicue mumble mumbling murmuration crushing curse
muffling chimes world's swarm starlings, murmuration. belled
landscapes of leks and rookeries, murmurations and murders. sky,
earth, vortex, sutra, murmurations, flocks, |i|s|l|a|n|d|, urban
murmuration the murmuration passed down weybosset. Medieval Latin
murmuration (murmuring, grumbling). we'd seen numerous
murmurations, all of them in the countryside, site (we weren't able
to capture the murmuration in flight yet). murmuration has been the
most amazing sight - and sound - of cluster or coagulation of
notes, swarm or murmuration of pitches, & demonstration of the
flows of starlings in ragged murmuration murmuration) - the
murmuration has settled into the tree o starlings, o murmuring
murmurations misery, microbiome, murmuration, and mumbling of ideas
which are murmurations and clusters of shadows flocks of shadow


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