[NetBehaviour] can anyone remember a project where artists were interviewed in an online shooter game?

Helen Varley Jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
Thu Jan 16 23:29:37 CET 2020

hi hive mind,

can anyone out there remember a project, i guess about 10 years ago or
manybe more, where artists were interviewed inside an online shooter
game? maybe some of you were interviewed? i know i watched at least one
& i'm pretty sure it was someone like annie who was being interviewed (i
have a terrible memory, i know ... )

i met an artist who has a performance project in a multiplayer game
(http://www.leonhardmuellner.at/operation-janewalk/) & it reminded me of
that project & i was telling him about it but couldn't remember the name
of the project or who made it ... ??

h : )


helen varley jamieson

helen at creative-catalyst.com <mailto:helen at creative-catalyst.com>

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