[NetBehaviour] Psychogeographical Walk in London - Sunday 19th Jan

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This sounds like a great project, wish I could attend!  🙂

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Dear list members,
I'm sharing this initiative with you, I hope you'll find it
interesting and will consider joining us.

In collaboration with a group of friends, artists, and other people I
never met before, I'm organising a psychogeographical walk in London
this Sunday. We might turn it into a regular thing in the future.

We are meeting at King's Cross at 2pm, on Sunday 19th January. I copy
the instructions below.

Feel free to share, and get in touch if interested.

We meet at 2pm on Sunday 19th at King’s Cross station, in the main
hall in front of the screens with the train timetables;
We shutdown our phones;
We follow a random person;
We keep following until they enter a private area (e.g. car, house),
take a train, they notice us, or we just lose them. If that happens
then we start following a different person;
The walk has a max duration of 2 hours;
While walking, one of us keeps track of the places visited, and the
time, with pen and paper;
After 2 hours, the walk is over.
For more information on the history and tradition of psychogeography:


Dr. Paolo Ruffino
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