[NetBehaviour] Regal Tiple

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Jan 18 20:42:01 CET 2020

Regal Tiple


(please everyone, please stay alive, we need to support each
other, please seek help if you're feeling otherwise, please)

yesterday traded for a 1930s Regal tiple and then last night used
an exercise machine (magnetic disk bike) and played the following
while pedaling, think I must have bumped my leg as it went round
and round. anyway also a picture of the tiple, I've been tuning
it in a - oh forgot to mention it's set up for a left-handed
player, so I'm working with that - using a different sort of
tuning than the usual - 5 drone strings, 3 tuned in resonance
with them, two higher. I ended up playing in an odd jump rhythm,
moving in and out of that, unusual for me, not in time with the
bike but fluid. the tiple's hard for this kind of playing;
remembering the Afghani rebab, I stay down near the lower end of
the neck - goes way out of tune at the other end, which is a
common problem for tiple players, as is playing anything
complicated on the thing; needless to say, the instrument isn't
great quality, but is all original with the original case, I must
sound like some kind of obsessive collector but I only keep what
I can play, and try to find great homes for everything else,
practicing for hours every day, and what does that get me, I can
tell you the satisfaction of an almost meditative state that
keeps me going and calm and doing things I never believed I could
do, and continue doing, my god I've lost the thread here, anyway
there's a picture of me (I know I said this before) with the
instrument (I remember where and when I said it (actually wrote
it)), showing what it's like - a heavy build, the strings are
metal, I have to wear picks so my technique's a bit different,
but it's got that old-timey tiple sound, anyway have a listen,
love the clankiness of it!

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