[NetBehaviour] Some stuff that happened to you:

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jan 30 02:41:57 CET 2020

Some stuff that happened to you:


You say, "this topography is getting complicated!
You say: How they attacked, how they ruined Europe, Asia,
You say: The lullaby of rest, of armed men gone to battle,
You say: But song is not enough, arms and the woman,
You say: Leaving you at last, quitting this bleak dominion,
You say: We march against your words, against their meanings,
You give the herbalist a long and passionate kiss,
You say 'I can't do that. Let me try and kill you,
You check this! It's there! It's there unchecked!
You say 'eating corpses reminds me of Tibet...
You say 'I can't get your blackberries.
You could look up me, lifeforms crawling about.
You wish me harm, but I do not want this for you.
You say: The message is always already the last of the messages;
You say 'stranger and stranger... yes, just then, but I
You are in the town square. There is a monument in the centre and
You read me, unornamented at last, my holes and crevices
You say 'I like these transformations, everyone
You say: But floating nonetheless there, above the landscape, I am
You ruffle your hair, wondering how far you can go before
You exclaim: Gathering us together, returning us to belief
You play yourself burrow through the skull of
You beg "Klaus, kill me! Klaus kill me with your song! "
You say "That's what I'm talking about. So I'm going to break out.
You say "Not strangled, not even believing in progress, but this!
You get the picture. Even now, there's no sign of things.
You will not forget that you have a wonderful home
You see how it is, words, wires, wounds, wind.
You say: As if devices had dominions, as if they moved.
You are all my lovers, and none of you are my lovers.
You have to rush the scroll, keep it moving, get it on the run.
You exclaim: I-Phaedra sleeps with well-deserved rest!
You can't understand what my regrets are!
You exclaim: Ah, Phaedra!
You chop her to pieces!  Ah!  The blood!
You chop Tiffany to pieces! Ah! The blood!
You exclaim: Sleep then, insistent one!
You exclaim, "I hate this! I want to bring me back!"
You exclaim "Wow this is hard work!"
You say, "& Kayo as well!"
You say, "We're in Kyoto!"
You exclaim "get your grots off me, Marx-shadow!"
You say, "ah...."
You say, "Not really, hmmmm...."
You say, "an infratextual operation vis-a-vis derrida..."
You say, "so weird..."
You say, "resident/residue and so forth..."
You say, "I'm going to log this..."
You say, "I'm not sure how to raise status..."
You say, "take a look at the news..."
You say, "go s actually..."
You say "Now you wil kill me."
You say "We're on."
You say, "there are two Kyotos, two Tokyos, one Quartz, one Yurt."
You say "Let me try and kill you."
You say "I will kill you."
You say "It feels emptier somehow."
You say, "Did you make anyone a wizard?"
You say, "Kayo just got carted off to bed? Did you do anything?"
You say, "want to log out so I can take a look?"
You say, "As in @programmer Alan?"
You say, "Sure, want me to log out and in as Alan?"
You say, "come in as kayo?"
You say, "What on earth is Tokyo?"
You say, "Where are you?"
You say, "type look"
You say, "a remainder/reminder"
You say 'look at that... :)'
You say 'the room is a mess....'
You say 'it's as if the body has presence...'
You say 'I needed the money for more mail...'
You say 'talk could be accompanied by action as well...'
You say 'this is strange... I can't kill anything, you can...'
You say 'they're in the village, the village is different now...'
You say 'I couldn't kill the Postmaster this time... you try...'
You say 'it seems emptier somehow..'
You say 'I know I'm in here, carrying.'
You say 'I know you're out there, carrying.'
You say 'try and kill me, say Kill Alan'
You say 'we're on'
You say 'I love you mindflayer'
You say 'but the nomadic quality here is worth thinking about'
You turn away, you are next to his head,
You know where this is going but I don't.
You listened as he said this,
You say, "there were two texts; I had permission to read them.
You have Quartz with object number #100 and generic thing (#5).
You say: Ah, I-Phaedra, ah...
You bleed profusely, making an awful mess...
You say: We would have done whatever you required of us...
You say: Ah no, leaving you at last...
You create the devil rod.
You hit the master mindflayer hard.
You hit the master mindflayer extremely hard.
You slash the master mindflayer very hard.
You throw a snowball in Tiffany's face.
You say: We await the coagulation of the message.
You need me.
You have no messages on your Answering Machine.
You see #1, #5, and hieroglyph here.
You see aural here.
You see Basin and human here.
You see snow and Luminous Sign here.
You see Quartz and Tokyo here.
You don't see a blackberries here.
You see Quartz here.
You eat the corpse.
You fondle yourself.
You gather yourself in your arms and try to kiss yourself.
You say: We await your word and our listening.
You are about to do something you would rather not be caught doing.
You can use "called" instead of "named", if you wish.
You say: I sit on the bench, I travel to the park.
You see nothing special.
You say: We await the intensity of its arrival.
You drop the corpse of Alan.
You get the corpse of Alan.
You cuddle her.
You fondly fondle her.
You kiss her.
You are now a programmer.
You create the master mindflayer.
You tell your true feelings to the master mindflayer.
You hit the master mindflayer.
You say: It will twist like the dynamics of cardiac arrhythmias.
You dream of better times.
You sit down and rest your tired bones.
You fondly try to fondle someone not in the room, but who cares.
You must allow yourself to this.
You flip head over heels.
You get a pile of gold coins.
You bend over backwards to read us.
You already know that.
You will come, you will be the last post of the night.
You fondly fondle it.
You ponder over matters as they appear to you at this moment.
You receive 1 lousy experience point.
You sense that kayo is looking for you in Yurt.
You get the corpse of the herbalist.
You say: I come to the park to wait for you.
You can't see that I'm damaged and that only some of you know how.
You say: I wait for the last and final message of the day.
You corner the corner. If you corner the corner, you whichaway.
You stare at the sky.
You ruffle Tiffany's hair playfully.
You whine pityfully.
You fall to your knees and worship her deeply.
You don't seem to have any.
You drop the corpse of Tiffany.
You get the corpse of Tiffany.
You drop the bones of Tiffany.
You say: I do not know who will send this message to my vicinity.
You drop Quartz.
You are carrying:
You turn the machine off, burn the disks, corrupt the files:
You asked me so I told you:
You moan and you whine;
You ask: Where are we in this distant land?
You ask: Ah, and leave us to our own devices?
You ask: And for what, while America burns?
You fondly fondle yourself, feels funny doesn't it?
You couldn't see the shadows but you hear where Foster was buried.
You can pull out the abacus
You say: We await the shades of the body hardening
You say "I'm occupying this space, filling it with words."
You are alone here
You know that these are electronic only, that they exist by virtue
You close the gape gap hiatus chiasm crossed by ligaments
You now have skin with object number #4924 and parent generic thing
You now have lance with object number #9757 and parent generic thing
You say "It's the language. It's everywhere. It's imperial."
You see two-thousand-fourteen, Tiffany, anal, MEDIA-MOO, Menstrual.
You lifted your eyes to him and went to him
You make a hole in my heart. My heart is flat like paper.
You own your own machine you own your own
You say, "but I wanted the room locked; it's a single sheet of text"
You only have to go a degree, close, into the future.
You are still so fair, in the cold air.
You will see the signs of my making in the fire.
You need to remind me, I would tell you
You laugh, toss back to me the pearlescent spray.

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