[NetBehaviour] conversations with ghosts among them

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Jul 4 21:54:35 CEST 2020

conversations with ghosts among them

alto sax, shakuhachi


alto sax, dutar


(image from concert with azure carter, voice, myself, dutar,
no image available with myself on dutar with edward on sax)

alto sax, hegelung


azure carter, photography (joining us in future recordings)
edward schneider, alto sax
alan sondheim, shakuhachi, dutar, hegelung

"illuminations happen on the threshold of being.
we are called to being: our illuminations.
for an instant before the darkness: our illuminations.
for an instant with pen poised: our illuminations.
with the radiative luminescence of the bones: our illuminations.
what the dissimilar flux of molecules: our illuminations.
the threshold of stones is forgotten; the portal is forgotten.
there will be death among us
for 0 days, the very beginning of the name."

"never to forget the sound
that comes forth from the body's song
that comes forth from the movement of the lips
from the fingers and their hands
from the hands and their arms
to listen again to the material of the world and the breath
the sound of breathing
the universal flux of particles
our bodies are ghosts to ghosts
their bodies are our bodies
illumination of musics and their breathing
never to forget the sound"


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