[NetBehaviour] Dimmed

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jul 6 04:24:24 CEST 2020


http://www.alansondheim.org/dimmed0.mp3 gifteli, fireworks

I know, again on the morrow, beneath these dimmed winter nights,
that my time is hardly up. I can hardly see. My life is dimmed in
all directions, there's not a moment to spare. Alas, the blood-
dimmed tide is loose, and everywhere, pity! pity!

those unborn, unbearable, or lost unfound, otherwise dimmed and
damned to those whose brilliance outshines the world!

And again, to those unborn, pity! pity! unborn, this dimmed and
random light, dimmed holes and shafts beyond measure. It is here
that the virus takes its toll, flattens our insufferable lives, as
if the color of the world were almost a blue so dark and lost we
can't find our way. No light, no cloth, no robe. just insufferable
shafts meandering and thick with encrustation.

This text I write now, I can no longer read, in spite of symmetry
and property spacings. O Chaos! I address you, invisible in this
dark world! Like a wave, I forget the weekday weeknight, of what
month decries the beginning of the nation, O Falconer!

We depart for the ceremony which marks the day and night,
the demarcation of the day or night in the dimmed world. What
glance may give an Angel who cannot distinguish me, my self
pressed into me, insufferable, deathly cold in this winter
weather water!

Unbearable! Falconer, the center no longer holds!

And of Innocence, my eyes are dimmed and almost blind!



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