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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Jul 7 19:16:20 CEST 2020

flat 4th

rabbits, mocking bird and fledgling, moon
https://youtu.be/CuCdQqBia8s VIDEO

Control is in the form of a blank space or a shallow dish. I
reiterate this over and over again because I find it impossible
to see our horizon where nothing is present where the anxiety
lives not with peaks but with chaos. I'm not quite sure where to
go from this because giving the lack of territory there isn't any
place to set up coordinates. it's neither nomadic nor based on
any kind of a grid or structure that might allow the presence of
coordinates. So it floats. I chose the example of fireworks in
Providence over a blank and empty parking lot because the echoes
are the only thing that defined whatever space is left. even the
land skap is either grey or blue gray or grey blue grey. It
doesn't proceed from anywhere and it doesn't go anywhere period
in that sense it's an ideal space because wandering is always a
null point. Wandering doesn't return and it doesn't leave however
at the same time it doesn't occupy anything other than an
ill(ness)-defined area. The machine says hang on, we need a
moment to catch up the machine is taking these words and trying
to make sense auxilia dio to produce what might be considered a
text that would make sense. but the text is senseless because it
reflects nothing but a blankness without boundary. did text has
no boundary pier to text is senseless as well because why.
Because it has no grounding in any language or any vocabulary.
This is a difficult time to think about the blank period

so where are we? I'm not really sure. if you look closely at the
video you'll see some light in the windows of the building across
head just for a brief moment get slightly brighter and then dull
again. I tried to figure out what was going on here. I thought
maybe there are bright lights coming from fireworks I love these
lights were down getting a situation where the iris diaphragm
would contract but that would tell everything and this doesn't
seem to be the case. And archaeology of affect is necessary here.
In the mean time you can consider this an anomaly or something
like an anomaly perhaps not even that period there's nowhere to
go from there the lights get slightly brighter they flicker then
they go down again. I don't really think it means anything.
outside a car has loud music playing and I'm not sure I can
either think or that the dictation here will make sense against
the noise. Against the noise. against the noise.

I start again. Yes there's nothing but a blank space as if I
could continue from where I left off. The flickering of the light
Disturbs me. Not really though. I don't think anything's going on
there. I think maybe it has something to do with the mistake.
that the camera makes or that the lighting made inside the
building. Maybe someone was there but I don't think so. I really
don't think so but someone could be there. Someone might have
been looking out of the window but I would have seen the person.
I didn't see anyone I was just looking through the camera I was
looking at whatever was around nothing was around I could hear
the fireworks myself in the distance the fireworks always seem to
be around and they surrounded me well not the fireworks. Not the
fireworks. Instead I think it might have been it might have been
what it might have just been the sound of the fireworks here this
sounds left trail of echoes resonances reverberation anything
that might extend them from the imminent or immediate immanent
sound that a firework usually make in this case. in this case
there's something else that is debouncing the defining of the
space which appears is it kind of bubble of sound a kind of
bubble of sound that expands as if it were modeling the universe.
it's modeling nothing. it's a bad metaphor. It's a bad matana me
for the universe. It doesn't really mean anything. So this is
just adding to the flatness of what was a very gray night with
the full moon but you can see the moon in this image. and the
moon was doll was dull in the clouds. You couldn't make out the
clouds anyway. There really weren't clouds to make out. it was
like a delhaize a delay or something else. I'm really not sure
what period it all went against the grain. My grain I mean just
the sound of my voice dictating this period and making error
after error after error.

This is what it is meant by a space without boundaries or with
varisoft very soft boundaries or maybe the idea of a boundary. I
think there might be a boundary somewhere in here

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