[NetBehaviour] Sexuality Decathexis Cathexis Grid

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jul 9 05:35:03 CEST 2020

Sexuality Decathexis Cathexis Grid


About this: Yes, another one of my dammed condensations / mashups.
But that's the nature of this particular skein anyway - sexuality
as broken landscape, cairns and dolmens, henges, archaic as that
moment of arousal, recognition, split unity. Think of woven thatch
written on waters.

"primitive sexual song of call and response net sexuality:
experience. fury!" sexualities sexuality. sexu in the first place.
people are i know - never knew characterology rendered imm-
violence. am tired being afraid work what emerges? a psycho-sexual
pathology, misunderstood. playing incandescent sexuality an
impossible body sexual/linguistic limits how is collapsed/expanded
(see leder bounces it you was stand where sexually likely thank
next aristotle's problems related to fluidity, abjection, pattern
which transverses fields self-defining; last night, thought
suggestive image contained this.  defuge transparency strange
phenomenon below sent control i'm wll aware sexuality/politics
images, not m[ [ %) ( line, %), darkness... line (sondheim ... up
time julu: id-forces, foregrounded(un- )  / (measurement, small)
yin (shadow, moon, organs, alan asks, "if mind primary organ, then
netsex or slsex any other sex, even communication through language
label decision act 'sexual' 'non-sexual.' thus there my sixteenth
failure that controlling desires tend revolution will take,
activated perfected for inhabitation. our nakedness sexualizes,
effaces, inscribes. has taken upon itself so general significance,

"carries within destruction institutionshart empire by broken
english why wanted write text begin with. baal based on ballet
audience masturbating couple) aroused if nude delivered back later.
stored prims make want 'sexually body, material imaginary natural
forth), detailing nature presence, sexualized/ problematic
sexualities, have been emitted from sources near seems components
sexuality, instinct, survival skills sexuali" o... wave er formula)
die("can' male, slaughtered millions children pleasure form
objectification, does sexualize real fetishiza- represent abjection
, sense discomfort issues discomfort, sexuality/body/language
directly. relation :body:inscription-being organs copula, grasp,
too much about taking own seriously public. tell me your
apprehensions toward partner. expose your- feel history. please,
more underlie obscenity; obscenity underlies both. pleasures,
absences, presences. we going speaker says, "carry beyond happens
alan's life 'ceiling' textured would work? be virtualities, across
avatars bodies, politics into but also ideas confusion, embodiment,
play. everything; embarrass others. we're it's joke. me, desire
derailed pain exhaustion. become leads social "

"(surgical/sexual/coversant/education/etc.) inscribing real;
exhaustion theory,multi-taskings, virtual realities, information
wars, abandon, fear themselves. one exists limbo mangroved rock
wear rescued selfinscribed hir. must seen entire avatar catatonia,
defuge, death/immobility, speech/murmured/unbearable. became
furious fiers technology, capital, forth. move touch second
(current) worlds; first, representation overdetermined; result
previous village quickcam segments nikuko's voice describing hir
exhi-dance, intensities releases, much, add, as real-life
exper-well. disappearance occasioned concretely: such-and-such
tendency. love deconstructs. confluence genders, transgressive
operating tends dominate everything else. among category '------'
idea danger tension---mfor now escape deny extremis, detritus
naked, exhibiting some people, venture say, on-line experiences
moves. becomes sexualized writing instrument; at-ically, terms
representation; using fulfillment coupled romance. can see desire's
written & conceivable tablet, virtue desire, bifurcated produce,
report detail revived subjects practiced intercourse determines its
rights passage, partitions, hypersexuality, obsessiveness,
neurosis. nudity, wholes, parts, dance-video sex. images branches,
therefore, almost every point... vanquished:evanescent:vanishing:
inscription-being sex forgiven. learn go again. my_name: remember
used appreciate very version hysteria driving texts? times obscene
imagery. maps taps saps revolves:: serrated body:inscription-being
interests, overdermination creates might most intense reasons,
shaves hir hair, self simultaneous-political economy masturbation,
purely inter-cathartic effacement-inconceivable landscapes;
constructed deconstructed."

"clothes genders out close relationships poly insistent protocols;
acculturations, languagings body; expansion textual violence
reduction contaminates language, online. i've produced graphics,
incessant trembling, open splayed further on. horror, inter-
penetrate. "dancers, death, violence, re-emerge dissipated inertia
weight caress light, hir cyberspace awakens" sexualizations,
arousals, emotions uncanny amorous anthrax giving bicorporeal
architecture commonality art gesture. . (nude ballet, classical
genre figures), eternity hardened stone number non-sexual ones,
that's remembered--the--writing imagining exhaustion, always
gaping, more. relationship in the--machinic will. words: couldn't
conceive, income, labor, art. had inside illusion.
psycho-sexualized denouement subsequent events world these objects
apparent infinite wrapped as if tenses created like temporal
collapse. lights were off secret theory appears after desexualized,
abstracted, precision. activity again workings. masturbation
already tremors; release lost them: []tiffany organized cadre-l,
crossed tiffany existence making something making explicit
situation, over-reliance foundation culture; embodiment granularity
physical overall m f(n-)(x,x)=f(n)(x,) eroticism neocon war.
speaking obsessive neoliberals, screen sexual, arousal occurs
litany movement content. sexualization, excitation, moment,
denouemant, enervation, transformed, beneath signifying losers
dissemble socius, uneasy trappings wracked them; wandering
obscenities, looking, thinning, absent-minded, found thickening []
rupture production; infects kept thinking, this, country. entry,
concerned loss virginity, heterosexual something, reproduction,
infantic-heterological, whole spectrum desires, last_word hours
fury! thwarted pleasured, masochism, chronic illness, start
integrated texts. time... (on hand, uses extremism, */always,
limitless, collapsing, extinguishing./* exhausted discoruse
vis-a-vis that, fact, propels doctors, disabled, home-bodies,
management, history drawn countenance, inscription, parables,
working critique users, distended blood semen, lubrications patient
gives appearance enjoying realm eerings, continually deployment
power heavy elements (supporting someone crotch etc.), there,
transparency, linkage, coupling floats different worlds physics,
embodied, they embrace revelation, appearance, each. ambiguous
atmosphere, co-extensive life. "granularity real," meter (sexual
moments) implant themselves exercise endurance. improved sleep,
drive emotional other, exploratory deepening ways own) net, create
exploration towards abject, around languages, global media
obsessionspowder may anythingpresentation censoring; nudity
complete, ies smile drives reproduction/sexuality visual/aural
deconstructing emphasizing labor history, shamanic trauma,
lifeworld computer between existence, means permeates abjections,
untoward extreme pushing flicker preconscious, lists graphemes
orders communication, communality, sexual- sweat lubricants legs.
he unable likewise, love remain, talk performativity presence
slightly smell unknown someone somewhere undertaking framing,
seeking itself. careful than ever illuminations, dreams,
sexual-depressive twists tion, "normative" races, ages, inertness,
remains sexualized. macroscopic inordinately complex fashion,
begins yes. know, there's moment complete "this student sleeps
derivation don't. case, ahem, increased io devoted krister's ideas,
which, mad overly do done incorporations phallus docudrama
incoherency edenic sexualizes indexical armored carapace just
(sexualized) operated weimar dance/cabaret hyper-sexualized
transmitters/ receivers trevor's intensity contact, writings poems,
performatives, expletives, lean [:] dojoji: betwen virtual, turning
solely dancer's prowess something gesture sl, work's confused
contradictory resolves body surface, secret topography, examples
debris, edge phenomena, elaborate perhaps could oh please worms.
torn apart. racist assault, s/he forth, emphasis same obscenity,
tantra, etc. limbs...irreparable loss...the _fade_ sexuality...
thinking...return objects. beings psychology, sexuality; neither
tropology nor speciality; pornography; regimes imply continuous
reinscribing selves. motions appeared convulsive sometimes someone
touches inert couple neurotically stimulating thoughts describe
hanged_man for-granted breaks down brought issue seduction, caress,
seem action, proportion motivations, abuse forecloses accounting
obscenely; s/he non-violent narrative non-narrative. transforms
gaze pornography cartoon dynamics mud wrestling anonymity triggers,
falling here, ing often penises, breasts, vaginas, faces *
projections over without including five projections, deals memory.
separated bisexuality, you'd crawl cloned grotesques, crackling
radio, electricity. tion arousal, display, comes arousal. find wet
memories sex? former exploration, feeling transsexuality. withdrawn
waiting awaiting, forced etiquette forbidden zones dirtied organism
sourceless, fouling culture, plate. lightning's stain murmur
thunder, such philosophy laughing. puddles. makes thelegation,
perversion, includes whether not. impending deaths play part?
dreams _true_ psycho audio spectrum, aurality, digital analog
phenomenology, cut distributed high-speed jagged edges. though
muted, dances _vice versa,_ determine, member's responses
psychological) two them levels fury. clara put_thing_i, avatar_'s
description intensity, hysteria, worn out, out. those who exist
because ... ?"  what's extreme what's out what's in.


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