[NetBehaviour] unmasked

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jul 13 05:27:34 CEST 2020



(something revealed, some sort of interiority, kept hidden, some-
thing devious going on, protecting oneself, unknown identities
everywhere, what can they mean?) (why am I hiding? is anyone

It's on may I asked because we unmask yes it's unmask because we
because I walked around I walked out of the door down the Hall I
walked around the Hall with no mask absent a mess no mask it all
and a camera for maybe 25 seconds or maybe half a minute so maybe
less than both I'm not really sure I and while I was doing that
then I was feeling free with so many opportunities to go in and
out of places that in fact were occupied and I did no such thing
but in fact perhaps turned around and went back or perhaps simply
out of fear came to a stop or a standstill so that I would not be
infected and so that I would not infect anyone else if there were
anyone else out in the Hall if it was a Hall I'm not sure I think
it was that I might have infected or be infected or be sick from
them or not sick from them and then I came back. The still image
is from London the hotel that we stayed at called the tavistock
and the tavistock had a Wi-Fi system which you can hear or see
when we were online then and I recorded the signal of the system
so we were indoors at the time even though there were no problems
at the time and we were at the same time connected to the world
and beyond through radio transmissions and through Wi-Fi which
uses the same spectrum that we used to see in order to read this
which is being produced as a result of spectral processing going
across the atmosphere to some extent and picked up and
transmitted by antennas a very different process than walking
through the Hall but actually in the way almost the same process
as walking in the Hall because they both lead to her kind of
circulation of communication uptalk of writing that is of talk
and of writing I'm not uptalk which does not exist as far as I
know to each other so since it's all stopped listening to me it's
important to perhaps somewhat start again and back up it's a the
fact that I walked unmas I did not communicate did I walked
unmask and did not communicate without a mass to anyone without a
mask to anyone for perhaps a minute or half a minute or 3/4 of a
minute or not a minute at all I can't recollect and it's really
not all that important but that I was outside where I live all my
life now add just for a brief moment looked at so many other
opening which were close as the doors represented by black
rectangle rectangles indicated that they were not open to me or
to anyone else.

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