[NetBehaviour] Human Cell Atlas ArtSci Lab I: The New Normal

Suzy O'Hara ohara.suzy at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 17:28:51 CEST 2020

Dear list.

I'm delighted to invite you all to our first Human Cell Atlas ArtSci Salon!

*Human Cell Atlas: ArtSci Salon I*

*The New Normal*
chaired by Haniffa Lab @ Newcastle University

*Wednesday 22 July 2020*
16.30 - 17.30 BST, hosted on Web-Ex
[image: image.png]

*The Human Cell Atlas: ArtSci Salon series of conversations and
provocations aim to explore ways to improve the value and trust people
place in pioneering scientific research by fostering opportunities to
develop new ways of thinking, new modes of seeing and new contexts for
doing between artists, scientists and diverse communities across the UK and

*About this series:* Human Cell Atlas: ArtSci Salons is an online space
that aims to bring artists together with scientists working on the Human
Cell Atlas initiative through critical dialogue, cross-disciplinary
exchange, networking and collaboration. Through a curated series of
flexible and experimental online discussions and public conversations, we
will welcome our ArtSci community, partners, collaborators, colleagues,
friends and anyone else who would like to join us to share their thoughts
and help shape a post-pandemic future in which scientists, artists and
wider society can thrive.

*ArtSci Salon I: The New Normal - Chaired by Haniffa Lab @ Newcastle
UniversityWednesday 22 July 2020,  16.30 - 17.30 BST, hosted on Web-ExSign
up here

ArtSci Salon I is inspired by the question of “What is it to be ‘normal?’.
The Human Cell Atlas works primarily on understanding ‘normal’ tissue and
then understanding how changes from this can lead to disease. But ‘normal’
is an abstract concept that means different things to different people,
making it difficult to define. ‘The New Normal’ explores the notion of
normality within the context of the current COVID-19 global pandemic.  We
bring researchers from across the Human Cell Atlas project together with
artists to help us navigate what has become an increasingly fluid and
contentious topic and discuss where a post-pandemic understanding of
normality might lead us.

*Participants: *
Muzlifah Haniffa
<https://research.ncl.ac.uk/haniffa/team/muzlifahhaniffa.html>, Issac Goh
<https://www.gisevents.org/hcam2019/speakers.html>, Bayanne Olabi
, Paul Klenerman
, Rhiannon Armstrong <http://www.rhiannonarmstrong.net/>
boredomresearch <https://boredomresearch.net/wp/about/>, Tibor Zoltan Kovacs
Live illustrator: Nate Stirling <https://kaimera.co/>

*Dr Suzy O'Hara e:ohara.suzy at gmail.com <e%3Aohara.suzy at gmail.com>t:
07891719319twitter: @suzy_o_hara*
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