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Textual Bodies: Online Studio Visit with Adam Walker | RCA2020

Tue 28 July 2020 12.00 - 13.00 BST / 11.00 - 12.00 UTC

Register in advance for this meeting:

Adam Walker will show current and recent performances, texts, moving-image
and digital projects, sharing his ongoing critical exploration of the
relationship between the human and abstracting, increasingly textual
structures affecting contemporary life. In conversation with curator Hang
Li, Adam will discuss the urgent need for speculative profferings of other
ways of being in addressing and contesting self-perpetuating structures of
inequality. Our human messiness, irrationality, desire and relationality
will be considered in both vulnerability and also the potential for
resistant agency. The studio visit will respond to the interests of those
who attend, with questions and comments being welcome.

Adam Walker's recent projects, performances and exhibitions have taken
place at and with the Serpentine Gallery, NEoN Digital Arts Festival and
Tyneside Cinema (UK), Izolyatsia and Yermilov Centre (Ukraine) and online
at www.skelf.org.uk. He is soon to complete his PhD at the Royal College of
Art. http://www.adamjbwalker.co.uk/homepage.htm


The event is organised as part of Sense-Making for Sharing Sensibilities, a
one-day event opening up discussions on the approaches to gaining shared
recognition and to channelling social actions as critical forms of
collective sense-making. Sense-Making for Sharing Sensibilities belongs to
In the Realm of Re-Sensing, a RCA 2020 SOAH Research Programme.
To see the full RCA2020 show: https://2020.rca.ac.uk/
A full list of RCA2020 events: https://2020.rca.ac.uk/events/

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Hang Li
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