[NetBehaviour] medical, vector

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jul 23 02:38:23 CEST 2020

medical, vector

on the way to the lab for a series of medical tests

https://youtu.be/UrcsXQKHiOk  VIDEO

went to sleep around 3, up @ 7 to get there early.
about a 12 minute drive.
Azure drives, Dr. said I'm not to drive for 6 mo.
we'll see.
a kind of dawn breaking, then some other stuff
rain when we came out, umbrellas.
reading an old book, Sal Restivo, The social relations
of Physics, Mysticism, and Mathematics.
lots of David Bohm. Reidel, 1983. I was too nervous to
read in the hallway. 3 separated chairs in the hallway,
3 in the office. everything makes me nervous. medical
makes me nervous but don't think for a moment avoiding
tests. that's all we have, tests.
the camera does poorly in poor light. once out of the
garage, everything adjusts properly. sound is 5.1.
lost in car noise, 2013 Honda Fit. huddled inside now.
again. no cloud formations are alike. my dreams aren't
good. it's worse when i remember them. what's about
this, it's normal. it's normal one way or another.
take a bus. walk. get a ride. drive. keep on going
across America. Keep crossing America, America!
Keep on going, America!

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