[NetBehaviour] ethics of sheaves (intimacy of for Varda, Godard)

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Sun Jul 26 03:11:49 CEST 2020

ethics of sheaves (intimacy of for Varda, Godard)

https://youtu.be/Ee3zXojzZYA  VIDEO

I didn't know what to call this. I thought of categories. I
thought of a vote for fathers. my Hebrew name is RV. I thought of
structures or scatterings. I thought of this katars. I thought of
artifice. Asadov dissected planes intersecting and cancelling out
each other period I thought of the breakdown of communication
when one is in complete isolation and solipsism seems to be the
only result that's where I will that's where I was. It's changing
things as I type this things are intersecting from the piece the
pieces of fullness of the construction of language and code and
the exhaustion of both S things fall apart. Always the building
the edges of the room leak into the image. I think in some ways
this is the most fractured workout done but it's also the most
interesting philosophically. Because it seems to be a catastrophe
E Hey kind of catastrophe E that bubbles up when things try to go
into control mode but it turns out there is nothing to control at
the habitas itself always leaks out. That's what's happening
here. I watch the several times through to the end and I found
that I was able to pick up text here and there and it created for
me a new mode of reading and enumerative writing. I think there
were something like 8 sources that were feeding into this
simultaneously and crashing into each other period it was if
there were a crowd but there's no crowd at all there's nothing at
all here. It's against the thickness of a pixel.

I wait to find my voice going. it's going here and here and here.
and here. and here. As I'm not sure where is located if there is
a location. I also I used to think I used to think that the voice
represented and intimacy of the second person because it implies
an intimate communication among us. Now I think it's generated
always from a far from elsewhere. even when it's something that
I'm speaking. even when it's something that I'm putting my hand
on. The dictation machine says hang on a minute I'm trying to
catch up. what it doesn't realize is I myself I'm trying to catch
up with the machine. This is a 17 minute performance uninor
fmedia. As I say take a picture lay shun of everything I know
when do it kept it you'll ation how's mcshine cannot spell
capitule ation machine cannot spell CAPITULATION. We go on. We
watch our broken selves produce broken works. But there's
something in the way that the world Fishers at the world
fragments at the world corrupts it seems truer than anything it
came before. We are no longer in the world of totality's. Where
in the world of microbiomes. Of universels solargen so small that
they are inconceivable. And we no longer exist there within and
without this world. Thank you for watching.

the strange beauty of the strangeness of the strange world, i
strange says alan dojoji, i strange says julu twine

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