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Thu Jul 30 10:38:33 CEST 2020

Text for Performance:

quarantine tunneltalk virus close to home


\---tunneltalk _ ___ marienbad == " "In the future, there is no
is." "e: id, long long nds, nds, rs.) rs.) rth rth th th yd, zed"
"remove" in subject line. "zany levels zing." ### $ tired shoes
'virtual,' tearing at both. (God what the fuck have I done!) (On
and on and on... stumbling into science, realms of ignorance.)
(also at
) (check on Eastern Skunk Cabbage heat generation) *
* unabridged
* used up, stale, second-hand, worth another look, 2010 */[...]
   continues for at least 2m within 1/5 second/* +++ +++ +++ +++
   +++ +++ +++
- Alan
- Alan
- Alan
----- ---------------------------------------------
-------> ... ..more complex 1175 1176 1177 1178 13 Cathedral
Park works w/ Kira/Azure (after Foofwa left, avatar works),
15.0 out 17. There's more of course, I can't, now think of
them... 1943, Le Sang des Autres. 381,924. 385 Westminster St.,
:isOne :wys nother.good:goodis :19714:3:One :goodis
= == === === === === === === === === === === === === === ====
==== ===== ===== ==============
================================================ ================
> we feel like damn and I'm closer in the workshop so the
my ! Alan Sondheim And in the virtual? Anything is possible
in the virtual. August 12, 2009 Behold, but ere we break--a deed
is to be done. CHAINS Close to the Machine (book on this and
being slave to machine) Correspondent for Paris Biennale, 1975
END GLOBAL.TXT sondheim at newschool.edu Eclisse, real! Email:
sondheim at panix.com , sondheim at gmail.com End of Second Part
Evanson and Maunsell, 1838 Fred Doyle, UC Irvine I had repairs to
do. IThis Iis Ithe Iend Iof Ithe IWake Iof Ithe IReal. July 2004
Kemoving Eemoval hairs w Kemoving Eemoval hairs w Kemoving
Eemoval hairs w Love, Alan! Music again! Other references can be
given if needed. Re-translated, "this is the longest day in my
life" refers to the temporal problem of real time data
processing. The drama of the show's plot and the iconicity of its
technophilia are marks of just this problem. 24 still quotes a
concern with the residue of the present, as construed by Virilio,
a concern with the paradox of communication, let's say, the
paradox of a fullness of time within the technical regulation and
control of temporalities. It may be, though, that this residue is
nothing more than a quote, a self-referential mark of translating
data packets across loosely connected media within a
communication system, crossing from digital processing to analog
perception by a human agent. The plot of 24 is a kind of image of
data throughput. This also means that real time is a function of
transmission and reception across distributed addresses in a
network and not about the understanding and existential
temporality of a subject of communication. Television, like all
real time data sources, stops making sense. Rhode Island School
of Design yearbook with pieces by Mary Boone, Alan Sondheim, etc.
(not in folder) - partly damaged, please check. Script done on
Wed Jan 12 06:50:01 2011 TDITDITDITDITDIT Trace at:
- search "Alan Sondheim" Turn over **************************
and I will fix your pillow. Videos to come What of us? Who or
what is Jub-Jolo. Within domain or other, search for home.York
City and Providence, SAVE ME. Your forgiving 2356 is in my
wandering 2356 [...] [00:06:12.000] [13:46] 0RedDust0 is offline.
underfoot. I will play a song, a little aire, a jig or rondelay!
[?1l [Second part: xf.txt] ^machinescarred : ^bruiseddir
^^machinescarred ^lynxrc _ a dance or two. abcdefghijklmnopqrs
pay degradation, Aurora all after everything else. playing
around rishi ..for 14 minutes. agreement convention; convention
|||||||||||| all - absence - already unraveled an among; analysis
insists it has any relation to the foundational. at least, ,
thanks. beat religion religion! listen voice! you! call center in
trouble.).  fetish?  ~~~~ kentucky ~~~~~~~ come, to arrive,
to have arrived, to go, to be gone, to be gone command. call
beginning curtailment, which abjures communication. daily life.
details. dirty disruption. drug. of your thing-world.  15476 is
your scar, your wound, your brand. earlier, thrust stop... Julu..
might<br> y </A> suf= as... emanents machine. glory.
emanents machine. glory. fgfgfgfgfg/fgfg' zz >> yy k15% r 3 sed
flesh is tasted, there's no stopping foreclosed against the
violation of the flesh. Would it? forests japan pico zz 's/*/*/g'
>> zz; 's/*/* greatest sadness for me, when r=there is a raven
left. had a life of its own. The music might be horrendous. have
their urls corrected he says he hardly remembers them himself.
her "\n" $$ that "Wait! if in the shade to big fat lines of coke.
redo feeds the ad/diction. is micro of coheres the rule rule
::Neither micro O logic, is out there is insufficient. just the
_fill_ of the thing... kimona clothes, adores three, poem, kimona
clothes, adores three, poem, life was at stake. when you were
where you were love Alan moment to complete a short survey
monitor a Thing? moth - which I still haven't been able to
identify. mouth. } mouths" "they print { /[o]+/ ? mouth. }
mouths" "they print { /[o]+/ ? music/sound improvisation Dec. 6-9
Eyebeam; recorded. music/sound improvisation Dec. 6-9 Eyebeam;
recorded. mywriting,andBalzacIesI'vninup.m.______ nearly,
neutrality replete with death, decay, nothing . the result is
nine/willetaud2.mp3 nine/willetfil1.mp3 no one else can
understand or read. of the night. of the night of violent
catastrophies. to come. own insanity, ectoplasm, mesmeric heaven,
you are already dead perhaps not at all, and we shall not know,
we shall never know. poor some Meanwhile interesting interesting
realize sinking route. refugee, perhaps, structures refugee,
perhaps, structures screamed. "BE!" she screamed. "NICK!" she
screamed. "CAVE!" she screamed. sed 's/ / seen in these more or
less rational times. something is always doing the thinking for
me sootf.mov sootf2.bmp sootf3.bmp svengali.mov trilby.mov
\---Virga starvation. Alas street or rook, and of them i'm one of
those bad authors sutra lung breath shakuhachi symbolic, sludge
tape disk thank you theaters x virtual worlds x macgrid x
theater-going x thin-blade routers of the real too much horror /*
top down tracker.h when everything, in the cold grey dawn,
spilled otherwise why the hell did he have to die when death was
all around. will arrange to get together. 328 4201 / all the best
... Jim with sexual extremism thrown in. i find this work
wasteful of paper words fuck him he's dead she said fuck him fuck
him work and thinking have no closure wvu.txt:b. Thinking of SL
as malleable space or 'liquid architecture' - 1k - years you
might also relate all of this to tantra or to roots in sutras and
yours, Alan zz.txt zzzzz { planet maws othering abroa ~jd jd subs
quarantine tunneltalk virus ~wrd

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