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That sounds terrifying Alan.  At least here, it seemed to subside almost as suddenly as it started so I'm hoping that can happen there too.  A LOT of good people have been out helping each other during the day here.

Your comparison to video game is apt, and I can hardly believe there are video games where this kind of mayhem is the game.

  To be honest, listening to "The Beautiful" song helped me the most when it was worst here.  It's eerie and unaccustomed but for me was very fear-dispelling and gave me hope.  I imagined other people listening to it and having their fear dispelled too, which I suppose is why I circulated it in such a panic. Maybe we all have some type of art that can help us in that way.  I'm reminded of the Bodhisattva Guanyin from the museum here, photocopy on my fridge, Guanyin meaning "he who observes the sounds of the world -- including cries for help."

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Not hopeful here at all, lots of explosions, cars driving out of the area
at high speed, people carrying loot in front of our place - all started
around 11, we think our street's been hit bad but we can't go out and look
tonight, too dangerous - we had to call the cops at one point as people
were trying to break into the bars below us. It's toxic.

This definitely isn't protest, not at this hour, these people. This is a
video game. Sirens still going on at 3:15, screeching tires, people
running, carrying stuff.

- Alan

On Tue, 2 Jun 2020, Max Herman wrote:

> Stay safe Alan. I truly believe this is not protest, nor anything to do with
> justice for George Floyd.
> There's footage now of a young white Chicago man handing out explosive
> devices to people in my neighborhood last week telling them to throw them at
> the police station. He livestreamed himself doing it if you can imagine.
> Be hopeful too. The national guard being here has stopped the insanity at
> night, not by any use of force but just by having some level of civil
> authority present. They have behaved professionally. The curfew has helped
> too, allowing police to find the violent instigators and get fire trucks to
> the fires. The real protests are thriving during the day, with wonderful
> grace. People are helping each other, connecting, and healing, distributing
> food, cleaning up, and grieving.
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> It's our turn now, riots and fire downtown central Providence, a few
> blocks from here. We knew about it ahead of time. There were warnings.
> Looting in a relatively poor city. We can hear explosions going off, what
> sounded like fireworks and gunfire. I can't think straight. I want to get
> the hell out of this country. This is way beyond protest, this is
> ultraviolence here. Louder explosions now.
> The warnings were four or five hours ago. So people were coming in to
> cause trouble. Earlier there were white motorcycle gangs around.
> Apologies, can't think straight.
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