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Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Sat Jun 6 00:27:59 CEST 2020

On 2020-06-03 8:27 p.m., Max Herman via NetBehaviour wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> I've been interested in category theory for a year or so, on a friend's
> recommendation.  Where do you see it applying?  For me it relates to
> mapping networks and to translating concepts and principles between
> disciplines, and by a combination of these possibly art and literature. 
> (It's even been applied to neuroscience I think.)

I don't really know. :-)

It seems very popular in computer science at the moment for the most
trivial things that people seem to find mind-blowing, possibly because
it puts them on a better theoretical foundation? So I feel I must be
missing something. And that makes it interesting to me.

I do like it as a way of talking about mappings, the isomorphisms that
you mention.

Other people do also seem to be applying it to interesting things -


And then there's -


> I have a few recent blogs at Leonardo.info about the ML grouped under
> "The Mindful Mona Lisa" and a unique "bridge" theory I am trying to sort
> out.  I've asked a lot of Leonardo experts and they say it's unique, but
> wrong, though I'm not entirely convinced by their reasoning.  🙂

I think that to still be generating new theories after all this time
says good things about both Leonardo's painting and the power of
mathematics. :-)

- Rob.

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