[NetBehaviour] shakuhachi breath revisited with Perry Yung

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jun 8 05:10:54 CEST 2020

Yung Flutes


By Alan Sondheim featuring a duet with Perry Yung.

shakuhachi breath while time remains in the thickness of things
thinking the flow of protesters, sound of sirens and horns,
following, the police following, anxiety but more peaceful night
occurrence, occurring, breathing as event
shakuhachi, gift and surplus of breath
could we give the gift could a gift be given
covid respirators, ventilators, strangled windpipes
broken glass and history littered ground we all floated into air
in the night air we all floated
in the night air breathed bamboo

Alan Sondheim Now a collaboration with Perry Yung! I'm amazed, it's
beautiful! Thank you, Perry Yung!

(I want to add here that Perry Yung, who has worked with La Mama,
Butoh, and network television, is one of my heros, one of the most
engaged people I know. He is also a master shakuhachi maker and
repairer; the instrument in the video is one he brought back to
live; if's over a century old; it's the one I'm playing and the
one he's playing a well. His playing takes my breath away, and I
feel so moved that he wanted to work with me on this. Please give
a listen, thank you.)

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