[NetBehaviour] pipa moon

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Jun 16 08:24:47 CEST 2020

pipa moon

https://youtu.be/Xfi1Vo6sMQ8 VIDEO

i have an old sony camera from roughly 2002 that does infra-red.
we recorded me (attempting to or) playing the pipa in the dark.
i could see only the very dim outlines of the instrument. now i
know if i were playing a guitar in similar conditions i'd have
no trouble. but this is a pipa with four strings, delicate
bamboo bridges above the fifth, and a scale of three octaves.
and i'm not a pipa player in any normal sense of the term. so
this is what emerged. azure held the camera. the image size was
only 320x320. so why do this? i've recorded with the pipa, held
vertically, in the light, improvising. but not like this, in an
almost pitch-black room, horizontal, trying to keep it balanced
and move my hands freely at the same time. but this is another
way to think about music, the potential ungainliness of any
instrument, trying to bring intuition and memory into play as
well. perhaps at this juncture, there's a metaphor at work here
as we move forward, as time moves us forward, and we continue
to sound a dream of liberation for everyone on earth. and then
perhaps not. (by the way my head follows the position of my
hands, which helped me with the sense of the music. i couldn't
see the fingerboard beyond a smudge in the darkness.)

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