[NetBehaviour] Dr Hairy's Podcast No 7

Edward Picot julian.lesaux at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 19:24:57 CEST 2020

http://www.drhairy.org/index.php/dr-hairys-research-podcasts –Dr David 
Hindmarsh and myself discuss articles from the Observer and the BMJ. 
Subjects under discussion this month, as for the last couple of months, 
are all connected to the Covid-19 outbreak – what’s going to happen now 
that we’re coming out of lockdown? Are we going to get a ‘second wave’? 
How come we're not getting one already?

  * ‘Germany may have more immunological dark matter’, /The Observer,
  * ‘All cause mortality/Covid-19 in Nembro, Lombardy’, BMJ m1835
  * ‘Too slow and fundamentally flawed’, BMJ m2246
  * ‘Can the UK emulate S Korea’s approach to Covid-19?’, BMJ m2084

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