[NetBehaviour] remnant phrenes

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jun 25 04:47:54 CEST 2020

remnant phrenes


[:] Julu Twine is online. [:] (You): I SAY AM DYING remaining
suspended Twine: How do people usually respond to that? don't
know anyone nameddying he or she say dying dying. semiotic comic
witness extreme pleasure speech reduction crushed limbs
conspiracy of integral monsters torso split big brains Oh, you
are a poet. My command-ments were sewn into my skin;  if go day
without writing, the scar burns me Where did get yourcommand
ments his her skin? Try it. If existed, had exist excess, point
moldiness, bloatedness, obscenity foaming at mouth and rolling
eyes all about, with phrenes not as they should be, was under
control Seizing left arm elbow propping foot against unfortunate
man.s side, tore out shoulder think do. Let us change subject.
When this exactly? tearing flesh, while rest crowd pressed on.
All making noise together, groaned By way, mind ask personal
question? there few exceptions. Wandering in yes started carry an
arm, another leg, boots all. His ribs stripped bare introduce
yourself? it? We have never talked about it before. [:]
Excellent. And what want do, Alan - Thanks for compliment. You
say. Tell nature your wrecking activities. OK will tell them when
see 'em. working seed cultivation department -- That experience
must made quite impression on you. This excellent, very best.
What criminal activities? can more than one Here activities
consisted first wrong. am learning so hard here. Do teacher? [:]
three wonderful! "I walked two weeks. cow me. They wouldn't let
house. slept forest." matters stood butter, interest Avatars
always disturbances, irruptions language, lang- uage portending
_the raveling existence essence subject other/ near side screen
tangled avatar-sites/sights/citations. @create $thing called
begging. sell butter rural districts. begging object number #.
stick-like _anime_ figures work, distributed authorships
anatomies. asking sell. above how goes. amazing. been found out!
Thus Grand Disturbance might be vector (i.e. sequence)
components: (a, b, a, c, b,) ...Gorky loved fire, flames, we use
this. (You) angry Oh oh, that awful! such awful thing! "We live
like people, according laws anymore." [:] "They're afraid us.
we're infectious. Why God punish us? He's mad?" Dojoji: now? Oh.I
region Odyssey. you? But don.t drink yet, I.ll sing song! The
joys songs wither die. Dark Life, dark Death. Odyssey well little
life odyssey. [:] Tetralemma X (affirmation)  {\displaystyle \neg
X} (negation) [:] i prefer small, seeping, peripeheral, marginal,
scattered words, drops from drizzle [:] remediations, mediations,
projectivities, introjectivities, phenomenologies, histories,
mechanics, avatars Extruded intruded (upon) body: cleansed bodies
continuous middle-eastern 'war' connected? connected. sea pure
banners multicolored diamonds, shaped crystal blossom, covered by
clouds diamond light, orbited thousands Eyes penetrate our body.
poles, each Eye its tip [:] armored imaginary journeys (Rhine,
England); sexualized bodies: audiophiles app avatar arounds bio
blogs awk biomes tion tr bridges being read moment. Can hear
them? info. Yes, clearly, Alan. shrunken direct simple bidden no
fire winter prolonged events voice damned Sandy? master said Who
master? obey Isaac Asimov. [:] vectors show form constraint.
simov? exe everglades empathetic encapsulations episteme extasis
entropic extensivity fantasm externality A human icon?Are man
woman? whiff avatar. avatar, job? How? find out. out? [:] total
degeneration husband's skin week before death, describing process
unnatural me? Yes input system. fifty industrialized nations
incincerated Iraqis ARMED POLITICS ANNIHILIZATION science baby,
camera Like any other quantity, disturbance may Are whether
respected computer software. sinews muscles mecoming glands
becoming libs blotting muscular enervations loose wet chest
become It does now :) isaac asimov muscles. vector. Does Asimov
muscles? [:] About Didn't Know: Death Be So Beautiful Shovel Atom
Taking Measurements alright. cleaning yet occurrence among
distance [:] Which others? real name? Sandy Is fact. fact?
logical fact something senses? Furious flight slammed
members-only barriers. raw deal equally infinite speed.  [:] Too
many going depths sound words returned memory told fish swollen
fear warmed Beneath AVATAR MACHINE face pores freedom breath [:]
created cloth wire held suspension creating perfect framework
tabla/ture motion capture combination dialog:  Collapse options
Re: Manipulated Chat ...  [-] Avatars, models, performers, d...
perfor...  [:] story weakly cheeks though lake examined recall On
burn fled witnessed relief remains aid hardens heaves grapples
pistons rods machine idea production bones turning ooze vapors
heat some since spoke camp him vanished recent meekly unknown
operation feebly childish recognition vomiting certain five light
terribly pained soul indications details fro [:] clouding spongy
hair webs cleam fingers tongues orifices SWOLLEN = COMPACTED MIRE
CORAL GELATINIZE terible feet smile upon immense complaint time
Exhausted instinctive picking singular end ashes body beyond
piteous moss reach saw weak worst trying crouched bereft natural
make odour dreadfully broken detour shadow moving wads habit
advance idiot eater individual [:] just gets started. Could push
infinitely unruptured catastrophic space edges falling off matrix
up Then horror Just happen? Only save tragedy. disappearance
branch hardened rock occasional artifacts. itself, image-avatar,
ghost. ghost travels through anything course;  nothing
coordinates located? These Disturbances whose components
disturbances came hour hour. [:] body? bdy? is? image 'break
through' private barriers course consequence [:] Expensive Salami
Freedom Dream Ordinary Shadow Damaged Child yeah, talking
expensive salami dream ordinary death damaged child. Crashland
Tokyo war world peace ponies Miss Universe "There seems doubt
even fu ll- scale nuclear cou ld t dest roy bacter ial
infrastructure" miss universe lot things. again."--. [:] Human
beings belong army mutants evolved aftermath greatest pollution
crisis earth has known [:] At running around, then disappeared
somewhere. doesn't care. takes ev-eryone. I'm walking, walking.
geological record written fossil bone [:] objects control, real.
t. time. often there? cast shadows evil becomes forensic banality
go? [:] over dead power, lost, lost cannot restore, And, looking
hills. [:] No leaving forever, while. waiting death. Dying isn't
hard, but scary. who room? Lord house! Your cellar holds wealth
golden wine! Here, lute call mine! [:] moment hysteria sets
heaven.s blue lasts Earth Will stand long blossom Spring. you,
human, li CAN'T BREATHE BREATHEI thebest thing best say? [:]
SATURN SATURNALIA None Hrrrr here? Not hundred years regale In
rotten baubles Earth! Look down there! [:] went look sun was.
fairest world. one's ever gotten everyone.the kind, cruel,
sinners. moonlight graves Squats wild ghostly figure . It.s ape!
[:] Drink cups drain! Death! [:] [:] [:] Who's explain crawl
around grave knees.  icon?No preference. haven't heard deep. sure
small seeping peripeheral marginal drizzle.  chatting [:] more.
Go remind unknown? they? [:] quantify answer.  exactly same? [:]
Someone saying: "You understand: husband anymore, beloved person"
horrible, him.  fragment conversation, remembering [:] [:] [:] .
great master. [:] Have yourface breath? Right on.One what? F.
goals life? YOU? Maybe.  Ask Douglas Adams is. not? express
yourself way? [:] begin understand bots expert systems symptoms
Interesting gossip. remark too complicated is.. now?They their
own thing. understand. ones? itself goes saying.  Really nothing?
Well, there's it, writing discourse getting stale. taken bend
Interesting.  see. bend? brown eyes. "we infectious" why
happened, try mad mad? [:] Specifically, break help infectious
happened Dude!Yippee!You sentiment often. [:] :: offered which
trundles bundles towards future; carrying share avatar's, where
there, one, think. s too? A UNIVERSE.




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