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Culture and Media. Experiencing XXI century

Gamma_PRO and the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg are co-organizers of the annual international conference on culture and technology, united by the common theme “Culture and Media. Experiencing 21st Century.” The partnership of the Gamma festival with Russian Museum, the world's largest museum of Russian art, has the goal of cooperation in the field of multimedia cultural production and implementation of joint educational activities.

On July 10, 2020, Gamma_PRO conference will be held for the third time and will become a hybrid event combining physical and virtual experience. Live broadcasts of the talks of Russian speakers will be streamed from the Russian Museum and supplemented by the international speakers online participation from around the world. 

The program presents such areas as the development of culture by the means of multimedia, the interaction of festivals with the audience in the digital environment, contemporary aesthetic education, the institutional support of art communities, the interdisciplinary aspects of the cultural process, as well as the interpretation of classics and contemporaneity in the post-digital era. The curator of Gamma_PRO is Natalia Fuchs, art critic, new media researcher and cultural management specialist.

A detailed program can be found at www.gammafestival.ru. All broadcasts are free for viewers and listeners; they will be broadcast with translation on the websites of the Russian Museum and Gamma Festival, as well as on social networks.


Gamma_PRO 2020: Culture and Media. Experiencing XXI century

11.00 Opening

11: 30-12: 45 Aesthetic education in a digital context: Ekaterina Kalachikova / Directorate of educational programs in the field of culture and art (Russia); Ksenia Oleynikova / Moscow School of Art (Russia); Maria Gladkikh / Russian Museum (Russia); Yana Gaponenko / Vladivostok School of Contemporary Art (Russia). Moderator: Natalia Fuchs / ARTYPICAL

13: 00-14: 00 Multimedia and creativity today: Andrey Svibovich / Media culture (Russia); Veronika Abashina / Russian Museum (Russia); Andrey Drobitko / SketchAR (Russia). Moderator: Natalia Fuchs / ARTYPICAL

14: 00-14: 30 Time Off: Max Frenzel (Germany)

14:45-16:15 Interpretations of classics and contemporaneity: Francesca Franco / Venice Biennale (Italy); Svetlana Biryukova / Russian Museum (Russia); Benoit Rousseau / La Gaite Lyrique (France); Daria Chudnaya / Museum of Cosmonautics (Russia); Dimitris Kontopoulos / ArtScience Museum (Singapore). Moderator: Peter Kirn / CDM

16:30-18:30 Post-digital perspectives: Antonia Folgera / SONAR + D (Spain); Jacob Grandin / Gather (Sweden); Peter Paul Kainrath Transart (Italy); Damian Romero / MUTEK (Mexico); Oliver Bauerhenn / CTM (Germany); Nadine Roestenburg / STRP (Netherlands). Moderator: Peter Kirn / CDM

18:30 Closing

About Gamma_PRO
Gamma Festival of Techno Culture is held in St. Petersburg annually. It includes an extensive music and art program, as well as the international conference on culture and multimedia technologies Gamma_PRO. Gamma_PRO annually presents global trends in the field of art, technology, innovation and science. Among the speakers of the conference in 2018 and 2019. There were representatives of various international cultural organizations (DAAD, Creative Europe, etc.), festivals (CTM, MUTEK, Sonica, Todays Art, etc.) and major museums (the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Miraikan Innovation and Science Center in Tokyo, ZKM Center for Media and Art in Karlsruhe).

About the Russian Museum
The Russian Museum is the world's largest museum of Russian art, a unique architectural and art complex in the historical center of St. Petersburg. This is the country's first state museum of Russian fine art. The decision on its foundation was made by Alexander III. The grand opening of the Russian Museum for visitors took place on March 19 (7), 1898. The collection of the museum has about 400,000 exhibits and covers all historical periods and trends in the development of Russian art, the main types and genres, directions and schools for more than 1000 years: from the 10th to the 21st century. The collection is housed in buildings that are outstanding architectural monuments of the 18th – 19th centuries: Mikhailovsky, Stroganov, Marble Palaces and Mikhailovsky Castle. The museum complex also includes the Mikhailovsky Garden, the Summer Garden with the Summer Palace of Peter I and the house of Peter I. The Russian Museum today is an extensive museum complex, the largest reputable research, restoration, custody and methodological center that oversees the work of all art museums in the country.

With kindest regards,
Mag. Natalia Fuchs I Наталья Фукс
Curator, Producer, Media Art Historian
ARTYPICAL I Art Relations Practice 


Cell: +79104320152
Email: nfuchs at artypical.com 
Web: www.artypical.com 



Gamma_PRO, 10.07.2020 
Hybrid Conference on Art & Technology

GAMMA, 5-6.09.2020 
Techno Culture Festival
St Petersburg, Russia

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