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Mon Jun 29 11:07:17 CEST 2020


Sorry to not be so "here". it feels like an artifact of the Covid regime, and teaching two classes online.
Bravo to Sarah Cook et al and Somerset House for the Sleep Mode programme - I was at the broadcasts, and I need to  publish the piece I wrote a couple years about the end of sleep being neoliberalism's even  horizon -when Facebook/Instagram/What'sApp has us 100% of the time - what happens after full optimization?

Such times.
Over 90 days in confinement, need to do another Virus Diary.

To Ruth;
My heritage legacy is loom weaving and quilting, which is a very old American thing.
Negin and I are having a conversation about this from the Persian/American poles.
When I return, I'd love to get back to the pedals.

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