[NetBehaviour] sorrowflag

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Jun 30 08:52:09 CEST 2020



sorrow for the tiny piece of cloth and its fibers
and for the dissolution of meaning coming to the foreground
and the means for dissolution in the background
and america spelled even the name stolen for a country
and the stars without washington dc and puerto rico are fallen
and the rain comes harder and transcendent forever
and the wind roils communes and the commons
the wind roils bodies with nothing born nothing to bear
and the wind floats with the sorrow and sorrow
and the wind says sorrow and sorrow and sorrow
i cannot bear you wind in cannot bear the flag
however that for a brief moment as if it were true and patriot
and one nation under god killed all that
one nation under god left the weave in tatters
no matter how hard we tried we unraveled
no matter how hard we cried justice justice we cried justice
and on the wind in tatters they cried just us just us
and the wind blows with the sorrow and sorrow and sorrow
and the wailing of the wind the tattering of the flag
and the tearing of the flag rending us in many parts
none of them gracious none of them kind or giving
no matter how hard anyone tried
no matter the promise of the commons
no matter the wind blowing through the commons
the wind sighing flag no flag no commons this chill air
this chill air of monsters and delusions
this chill air of hatreds and violence unto violence
this chill air of guns and batons of furious killings
this chill air the flag above falling into tatters
this chill air and sorrow for the bodies below and deeper
the bodies below and deeper into the ground
into the ground hardened against them
no place for bodies no place for the living for the dead
no nation under god no nation no god
no liberty and justice for all no liberty and justice
no flag of justice of liberty flag of prisons and brutality
this chill air of despair and brutal prisons
this chill air of contamination
o sorrow for the tiny piece of cloth and its fibers
and better for you to have wrapped the bodies of the murdered
and better for you to shroud, to be shrouded, to have shrouded
sorrow does nothing we prepare to die beneath a golden sky
fallen and where there is hope there is the golden sky
the sky of moloch and greed the gold that is iron iron iron
o that we may fall aloft
o that we may fall above
o that we may rise


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