[NetBehaviour] Future Storm

{ brad brace } bbrace at eskimo.com
Wed Mar 4 15:46:11 CET 2020

Future Storm -- an erotic thriller tale of espionage, 
gluttony, sexual and political intrigue speaks to your inner 
demon -- a menagerie of post-pulp-era intentions -- flooded 
(decentralized) relief  -- constriction prophecies-- 
suspended animation is all that remains -- moveable type -- 
Evening Falls by René Magritte -- notes to myself -- moth 
collection -- all these things -- time passed -- sun sets -- 
stiff wind -- edges in place -- masking device liberates -- 
what chance was there, really? -- mapping magna boy-eyes -- 
twisted pairs --  predetermined incoherence -- exhausted 
meaning -- open access -- from 
bradbracebook.store/000pdfs/future.pdf 238pp

and of course: Amazon (more as an index to the work for 
some; direct purchase preferred of course)

To keep something out you keep something in. Trapped.

The work examines the sensation of disassociation, 
unfamiliarity and the related qualities of distrust and fear 
– but also the allure of what was once known and the 
mysteries it contains. The work expresses the moment that is 
the opportunity to cross the divide hanging on the decision 
that needs to be made.

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