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Re: [NetBehaviour] book ends black exits

Some brief comments on you rmessage:

"given the difficult state of the planet does it make any sense to try to
formulate a new theory and practice of the aesthetic to help compensate or
ameliorate the crises, as has sometimes occurred for humanity in times of
drastic change?  Or, would such attempts at "theories," "practices,"
"formulations," and "newness" all be ill-advised meddling in the natural
flow of things and lives?"

*We and our ideas are part of the 'natural flow of things'. Go for it. *
*However, theorising lacks the immediacy of doing.*

"i note, among students in my theatre groups, on race and inequality; some
have objected to the attention awarded to Greta Thunberg, and proposed a
"deblanchiment" of climate protest."

*I get that Ms Thunberg gets a lot of attention and she is blanche of skin.
And this is not the time for divisionism. Everyone has the opportunity to
join in and also lead these movements for change.  The point of XR is that
it has decentralised 'leadership'.*


*Danielle Imara*
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